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One way to encourage girls to get involved with STEM is through toys. Now, while you could certainly do no wrong with a good science kit or LEGO set, sometimes it takes a well recognized figure like Barbie.

Did you know that there’s now a Barbie STEM kit? I’ve also picked out a few Barbie career dolls that could help with encouraging STEM pursuits.


Why the Barbie STEM Kit is a Great Gift Idea 

The Barbie STEM kit is a wonderful way for children to experiment with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math all in one kit. And hey, if your little boy is into Barbie, he’s going to love this.

Top Features of the Barbie STEM Kit

The set comes with 122 plastic building pieces and a 32-page illustrated book.  The kit includes a colorful storybook which guides through a story what Barbie and her friend Nikki need to do to complete their tasks.

The guidebook is completely illustrated and complete instructions are provided on how to carry out various experiments. With this kit, your child will get to build a good spinning closet rack, washing machine, jewelry holder, hammock, dress designer platform, greenhouse, and a shoe rack. Also, one of every girl’s favorite activities is to play dress up and now they can create the chromatography and leaf-print dress, plus optical illusion origami dresses too.

This is such an exciting kit!

It shows Barbie and Nikki stuck in situations where they have to use logic, science, and smarts to solve problems. Therefore, this kit will provide your child with countless hours of play and get him or her interested in STEM from a young age.

The learning process through this kit is very encouraging since it explains how different types of mechanisms work for different models.

The various concepts of a building are not applicable to all models, so children get to think what they are doing, how they are going to do it, and how one modeling structure differs from another. Science couldn’t have been more fun than this STEM kit.

•    Provides hours of fun
•    Children get to hone their problem-solving skills through their favorite toy character
•    Kids get a head start into the world of STEM at an early age

•    Boys might not like Barbie dolls
•    Some children might need your assistance while they’re playing with the kit. This is probably not a “just leave your child in a corner as you busy yourself with house chores” type of game.

The innumerable STEM kits available in markets are mainly designed with keeping boys as target audiences.


Many toys such as airplanes, trains, helicopters, ships etc. are the kind of STEM toys available and a majority of girls may not find it as exciting as guys. It may not even be their area of interest. Therefore, a product like Barbie STEM kit is an ideal set for girls who are looking for a challenge and enjoy STEM.

Not quite interested in the STEM kit? Check out these related career dolls:


There is a wide variety of career dolls to choose from, but specifically STEM (or science related) include a pediatrician, dentist, and eye doctor.

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7 years ago

I love seeing more STEM gift ideas for girls! Girls can love science too!