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Star Wars is an epic series of movies created by George Lucas. In addition to the movies, it has generated comics, toys, books – and of course, LEGO sets! These are among the most popular sets in the LEGO line.

The sets sometimes depict a certain spacecraft – and other times emulate a certain scene from one of the movies. They come from all of the movies, not just a few.

In addition to the vehicles and environments you can build, you’ll also get a variety of Star Wars characters – from Darth Vader to Luke Skywalker – and even some of the less significant characters.

Some fans like to build the exact replicas using the instruction manuals that come with these sets, while others like to use the pieces to create a model that springs from their imaginations.

But the LEGO Star Wars franchise has also expanded into books and a TV series.


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LEGO Star Wars Books

From character guides to books for beginning readers to movie based books; the LEGO Star Wars book line offers something for everyone. I love the character books and the the scene books in particular. Minifigures are a favorite thing of mine so to see them depicted in settings other than Star Wars is fun.



LEGO Star Wars Videos

Though not as wildly popular as the Star Wars Rebels TV series or the Star Wars movies themselves; the LEGO Star Wars TV series offers another expansion on the sets.



LEGO Star Wars Sets

And let’s get to the heart of the guide: the LEGO Star Wars sets. These range in price and difficulty level and you may even be tempted to glue some of them together for permanence. And hey, I wouldn’t judge you if you did. I would be pretty tempted to want to preserve the Death Star or Darth Vader.



I really could go on! There’s also LEGO Star Wars t-shirts and so many other things. What’s your favorite?


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