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How early do you get your holiday shopping done? For some, it may mean purchasing things throughout the year. For others, it may mean waiting until the last minute. And for others, it may mean waiting until one of the best shopping weekends of the year: Thanksgiving weekend. In the past, it just meant going out for Black Friday and then along came Cyber Monday.

Now, there are a handful of stores that start their holiday deals on Thanksgiving.

And while this may seem like a controversial move on the part of the retailers, it also opens up a new venue of savings for holiday shoppers. But where do you stand when it comes to Thanksgiving shopping choices? Are you a Black Friday go-getter, a Cyber Monday shopaholic, or maybe you’re the Thanksgiving day shopper.

With Thanksgiving shopping choices abound, what will you do over Thanksgiving weekend?

Shopping Options for Thanksgiving Weekend

I just so happened to work in retail before deciding to become a stay at home mom.

I worked for a toy store (and yes, it was that toy store you’re probably thinking of- with the giraffe) and the first year I worked there, our manager asked for volunteers to work the overnight shift. That meant going in on Thanksgiving evening and working through to Black Friday morning. So you could either do that or work the closing shift- which meant going in on Black Friday mid-morning and staying through to closing. I learned, later, that those who were on that second shift? They were there until the early hours of Saturday because of all the clean-up.

While that may sound unpleasant, it was actually not that bad. I was able to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with my family, watch a little football, and my paycheck really appreciated it.

Plus, the aftermath of Black Friday was not something that I wanted to deal with in terms of getting the store looking good for Saturday morning.

But, as far as actually shopping on Black Friday? No thanks.

Ever since Cyber Monday arrived, that has been my absolute favorite day to shop… if I haven’t gotten most of my shopping done already. Yes, I am one of those people who will shop all year round; especially when it comes to my kids. If there’s a big ticket item that they really want, I’ll wait until Cyber Monday to get it.

Especially with Amazon Prime coming into play. I mean seriously- I can shop from the comfort of my home, score some really great Cyber Monday Deals and get my stuff within two days.

That said, it has crossed my mind to venture out on Thanksgiving or on Black Friday.

This year, I haven’t quite decided but I think I may just stay home and watch football all day. Then save my shopping spree for Cyber Monday as I usually do.

free thanksgiving themed keep calm printable

So which type are you? I have these free Thanksgiving themed printables for you and if you’re one of those brave types who likes to venture out on Thanksgiving or Black Friday- I have a free printable survival checklist for you too!

thanksgiving day shopping survival tips

You can download your printables here (and by downloading, you are agreeing to my terms of use- whether you have read them or not)

Keep Calm Set (5×7):

Stay Home || Shop On

Eat || Watch Football

Thanksgiving Shopping Survival Tips

What are your plans for Thanksgiving weekend and which is your favorite of the Thanksgiving shopping choices?

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