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Caregiving expenses can add up quickly. Here's how to save money by buying in bulk.

If you are a caregiver of adult parents, or if you are like me and the primary caregiver/parent of a special needs child; I want to help. We all know how much it adds up to. And believe me when I say, I know it’s expensive. Sure, we get help here and there but it’s still within our best interest to stretch pennies whenever possible.

But how can we do that outside of using coupons and shopping sales?

We buy in bulk.

Here are just a few ways to save money by buying in bulk – including everyday household items.

Help your adult loved one, or special needs child Conquer Inco and save money at the same time when you purchase Member’s Mark Total Protection adjustable briefs at your local Sam’s Club.

We try to buy in bulk when it makes sense, so things like:

  • Wipes
  • Bottled water
  • Non-perishable snacks (for lunches and after-school)
  • Juice boxes (for lunches, after-school, and on the go)
  • Personal hygiene products like soap
  • Bathroom necessities (toilet paper, tissue paper, and incontinence products by Member’s Mark.)

With premium products at a great value, we will always work our Sam’s Club membership into our annual budget. Sam’s Club offers pick-up, a pharmacy on-site (depending on your location), and other convenient services that help make this caregiver’s life easier.

But why Member’s Mark?

  • A breathable material that keeps skin cool and comfortable
  • Adjustable side panels
  • Maximum absorbancy

For someone like Sweet B who has night-time incontinence issues, Member’s Mark products help her to Conquer Inco with confidence.

How to Save Money By Buying In Bulk

With the continued cost of various items in our society the concept of buying in bulk is getting to be more common that ever.

Yet many people question if they are really saving money or not. The answer to this question that yes you will save money when you purchase the right items in bulk. For example you really don’t need to purchase a case of 200 light bulbs as that will last you for many, many years.

On the other hand if you have a fairy large family or lots of guests on a regular basis you might consider buying toilet paper and paper towels in bulk.

Any item that you will use up in a short period of time is a good candidate for being purchased in bulk.

There are many membership clubs like Sam’s Club that offer bulk items that focus on families and small businesses. Dry ingredients for your home including sugar and flour are good options. Avoid buying bulk items that will result in eating the same thing day after day though as no one wants to have to do this.

For example, don’t buy snacks and potato chips in bulk because everyone in your family will quickly tire of the taste. Unless of course you have an autistic child, in that case, buying a favorite food item makes perfect sense.

To ensure you are really getting a good deal on bulk items, take the time to read the information relating to the cost of the item per unit. This way you can compare that price with the overall cost.

In most cases you will be able to find some really good deals that save you money. On the other hand don’t be so quick to pick up that big package of what ever you are looking at without finding out how much each item is really costing you.

How to Keep Track of Monthly Caregiving Expenses

After we have our products at home and stored away, I take the receipts and total them up according to category. This helps me to keep track of the expenses for that month. I compare that to the monthly income coming in.

I created a simple monthly budgeting checklist for caregivers that covers the basic categories.


I hope that this can be of use to you and your family as well.

What do you think of buying items in bulk? How would Member’s Mark products at Sam’s Club help you and your family save money?


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