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Squeaker was supposed to be a Christmas baby. And by that, I mean her due-date was actually December 23rd. She chose to make her arrival a little bit early by coming on December 5th instead. Last year, 2015, however was the first year that she was really introduced to the concept of Santa Claus. As you can see here, she really wasn’t impressed:


This year, we are making more of an effort to introduce the idea of Santa Claus as a part of exploring Christmas. I’m also trying to be proactive about balancing Christmas and learning about various traditions around the world. I don’t want Santa Claus to be the primary focus of our Christmas celebration and traditions.

But I also want Squeaker to understand who Santa Claus is.

And well, let’s face it- almost every child at least has some idea of who Santa Claus is, right? Or, at the very least, they have that magic and mirth in their lives.

How to Introduce the Idea of Santa Claus


While I have shared one resource for assisting a non-verbal autistic child with Santa Claus, introducing the idea is another thing.

With Sweet B, I really wasn’t sure how to approach this. And to be perfectly honest, I’m not 100% sure if I’m doing this right with Squeaker either.

But isn’t that one of the biggest questions when it comes to parenting?

Anyway. We’ll have a few Christmas related printable packs (with activities, games, puzzles, etc.) coming out soon but in the meantime, I wanted to offer this. It’s a printable set of cards that are designed to help with a child’s first visit to Santa Claus. But it doesn’t have to be limited to the first visit. This can also be used for an autistic child who may have difficulty with waiting.

After the printable pack, we’re also sharing a list of books that talk about Santa Claus.


This is a very simple set so if you need additional cards, please let me know via email. Likewise, if you have any problems with downloading, please let me know!

>> My Visit with Santa Cards <<<

One of my favorite ways to introduce any new idea or concept to Squeaker is with books. Even with books that aren’t quite meant for a toddler, we can still adapt them to meet our needs.


Books about Santa Claus for Toddlers

Books about Saint Nicholas

Books about Christmas Elves

What tips would you share when it comes to introducing your child to Santa Claus?

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