Whether you have them in a soup, as an appetizer or served with a bowl of spaghetti and your favorite sauce, meatballs are a delicious option to consider for your family. More than just a miniature meatloaf, meatballs can easily become the star of your dinner table. Try some of these easy meatball recipes with your family tonight.

In need of a satisfying meal or appetizer idea? Try one of these easy meatball recipes.

Serve on their own, with a salad on the side. Or with your favorite pasta and sauce. Try them as a sandwich or in soup. You can also freeze meatballs or try them in a crock pot. Meatballs are an incredibly easy dinner option to try with even the pickiest of eaters and a great way to sneak in some vegetables. For me, meatballs are the ultimate comfort food and I’m always looking for new ways to serve them.

Meatballs are also easy to make ahead of time, whether you’re just making the batch and freezing or preparing the entire dish to heat up for later. And you know what they say about leftovers? Meatballs really do stand up to that. Sometimes they really do just taste better the next day.

You can also easily adapt any standard meatball recipe for an appetizer. Just make the meatballs a little bit smaller and serve with a few dipping sauces. For instance, for a traditional meatball you can use a marinara sauce. Or you could try an alfredo sauce. For a Swedish meatball, just use your favorite gravy if you don’t feel like making the sauce.

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Have you tried any of these recipes? Which one is your favorite?