Since this blog was first created, it has always been a hope and purpose of mine to share resources and encouragement for special needs parents. As a parent of two special needs teens, it only made sense to me that I should use my platform to reach out to fellow parents. This road of special needs parenting can be very lonely and it can be very challenging. It can also be very rewarding.

I may or may not eventually do localized resources for the Capital District of NY. I’m also hoping to have national resources, but we’ll see what happens. Running a blog is time consuming and I do have my family to think of as well. Still, I won’t let that get in the way of providing resources and inspiration for families with children on the autism spectrum.

If you are looking for US resources that are not so location specific, you can check out the Complete List of Free Things and Grants for Special Needs Kids.

In addition to the articles linked below, you can find all of my printable resources and other recommendations on my Free Resources for Families post.

How to Handle the Initial Diagnosis

Have you just received a diagnosis? I’ve got posts (and a free eBook!) for that: how to deal with the initial diagnosis

Get access to my Autism Family Guide: resources for daily schedules, calming strategies, and more.

Finding Help

* Autism A to Z (topics include finding respite care, obtaining SSI, Medicaid, and free resources available online)

* How to Support Autistic Adults

* Planning for Your Autistic Child’s Future

Dealing with Meltdowns

* 5 Calming Strategies for Meltdowns

* Anxiety in Children with Autism

* Handling Meltdowns in Public (guest post on Parenting Chaos)

Implement calming strategies with ease when you use the Calming Strategies cards in the Autism Family Guide.

Dealing with Elopement or Wandering

* What to Do When They Wander

* Wandering Child: A Personal Story

Inspiration and Encouragement

* 10 Things That Autism Has Taught Me
* How to Face the Uncertain Future of Parenting an Autistic Child
* What I Wish You Knew About Parenting an Autistic Child

Social Situations

* Sensory Friendly Birthday Party Ideas

* Tips for Playdates

* 20 Books About Autism for Kids

Autism and Afterschooling

* Where to Begin

* Why We Use All About Reading

* World Landmarks Mini-Unit

* Exploring the Letter A

* Setting Up an Afterschooling Program

Life Skills

* Teaching Independence
* How to Support Autistic Adults
* The Importance of Visual Schedules for Children with Autism
* How to Get Started with PECS

Holidays and Traveling

* Trick or Treat Cards
* Helping Your Autistic Child Deal with Santa Claus
* Must Haves for Traveling

Get access to my Autism Family Guide