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Afterschooling with Sweet B: All About the Letter A

I wanted to share with you, one of our afterschooling sessions now that we have most of the components in place. Last week, Sweet B was off from school for February break so I thought we could try some of her afterschooling stuff during the day instead. Prior to this we had only been using a simple system that wasn’t really formal or had a set routine. Now, of course, it’s a matter of integrating the afterschooling activities throughout the week in their correct time. But, the premise is the same when we did this over the course of last week. To kick things off, we’re learning all about the letter A.

Autism and Afterschooling: the Letter A

All About the Letter A

To set up the activity, first we started with using our Fundanoodle magnet set and dry erase board:

the letter a 1

After modeling the letter for her, she repeated it and then we used the other side of the board to work on writing the letter A in both uppercase and lowercase. This is why I think we’ll get the All About Spelling program for her soon, so she can work on handwriting. Another program I’m thinking of getting for her is Handwriting Without Tears.

Anyway, the next thing that we worked on was phonetics with our All About Reading Workbook:

the letter a 2

It might help if I could actually tear along the perforation without ripping off part of the page. But you get the general idea. Of the four pictures given, Sweet B had to identify the ones that started with A. This required me reading the words to her but once she heard them, she picked the three appropriate to the theme.

the letter a 3

The next activity also came from our All About Reading workbook and involved coloring in a picture. For this, I let her pick a few colors from her crayon rocks set.

the letter a 4

For the final activity for the day, I gave her a selection of Rolli Stamps from Funny Bones, we received an amazing selection of products to review and after looking through them again I realized that they would be perfect for the activity. The Rolli Stamps come in a variety of themes, some of which are animals. So, after showing her a few I then asked her to pick out the ones with animals on them. She correctly identified the two.

the letter a 5

I gave her a piece of cardstock and let her go to work with creating lines. I love the Rolli Stamps for this because it helps her with her fine motor skills without creating too much of a mess. For Sweet B, who doesn’t always like getting her fingers dirty with fingerpaint, this is a great thing.

Well, I hope you enjoyed our first official afterschooling session. We have a few other things to share from it as we’re also going to be working on cooking and identifying World Landmarks this month. Please be sure to check back for those posts soon.

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Sarah L
Sarah L
9 years ago

Those are great learning tools. Have to have fun with it.