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With Sweet B’s week off from school, we did some of the activities that we would normally do in our afterschooling during the day. First, we reinforced her Letter A skills. And the next thing that we did was use our Early Explorers kit from last month so we could start learning about world landmarks. I wasn’t sure how Sweet B was going to do with this particular set, but then it was just a matter of tailoring it to fit her abilities. Just like everything we do with her afterschooling, I modify what I need to modify so she can accomplish it but still be challenged.

Autism and Afterschooling: Learning About World Landmarks

Learning About Landmarks

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Our packet for World Landmarks included an activity booklet, a small set of World Landmark symbols, and stickers for our suitcase. After looking through everything in the activity booklet to assess what would be realistic and doable for Sweet B, I set out the activity booklet and the symbols. It wasn’t until after looking at the bottom of one of the landmarks that I realized how familiar they looked. Safari Ltd. makes a TOOB set called Around the World that just so happens to have world landmarks. We received this set when we were doing our holiday gift guide, so I brought that out as well to complete our activities.

Our first activity was a simple matching one. I set out the landmarks for Sweet B and opened to the appropriate page in her activity booklet.

learning about world landmarks

And, as you can see, Squeaker is diligently observing in the background. We didn’t have all of the world landmarks but we did have most between what we got in our monthly packet and what we had already.

learning about world landmarks

So, while we didn’t use this as the booklet instructed, I did what I could to help Sweet B. And once I demonstrated (with the Leaning Tower of Pisa), she handled the rest on her own. A variation that I would have liked to have tried, and might do in the future, is to put the pictures of the landmarks on a map. That way it gives another visual layout of where each landmark is.

The next activity that we did was simple sensory box. And by simple, I mean ridiculously simple. All I did was use one of the boxes that was for a subscription box that still had the paper inside of it. I’m looking for ways to reuse this stuff because I see a lot of craft potential here as well. But for this, all I did was put the landmarks in the box and let Sweet B explore.

learning about world landmarks

As she took each landmark out, I talked about what it was (color, general shape, location) and then we put them back on the appropriate picture in her activity booklet.

Overall, I think Sweet B did really well with this. It wasn’t too frustrating for her but it wasn’t super easy either. By tailoring her afterschooling program to meet her needs but still challenge her, I can keep this fun and innovative. That way it’s easier for her (and me) to want to continue on a long term basis.

Next time, I’ll feature one of our Animal Trackers activities and provide a simple (but fun) printable pack. See you then!

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