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Pillars of Our Afterschooling

As we’re continuing to refine our afterschooling program with Sweet B in terms of supplements and other things, I felt that it was high time that I should talk about one of the pillars of our afterschooling program. One of the reasons I wanted to start afterschooling with Sweet B was to increase her literacy and fine motor skills. Fine motor skills have always been a big area of hers as far as what to work on and literacy is close behind. It’s difficult to measure her literacy since she’s non-verbal but she has shown improvements over the past few years. She’s still nowhere near peers of her age and developmentally is around 6 or 7 years of age.

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After reaching out to All About Reading and explaining my situation, they were generous enough to supply us with a Pre-Reading Kit

One of the Pillars of Our Afterschooling Program: All About Reading

We received the Deluxe kit.

The All About Reading Pre-reading program is designed for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Your student will enjoy the special games, crafts, and storytime read-alouds, and you will love the way your student effortlessly learns essential pre-reading skills. Your student will learn five very important pre-reading skills: Print Awareness, Phonological Awareness, Letter Knowledge, Listening Comprehension, and Motivation to Read.

 Sweet B does know her letters and is fairly good with recognizing them without too much prompting. But, that’s not to say that we still can’t improve on those areas with her.

all about reading 2

All About Reading is a part of the All About Learning Press which also includes All About Spelling. All About Spelling is going to be our next addition to our afterschooling program but today, of course, is All About Reading.

 So, what’s included in this kit?all about reading 3

We also received a Ziggy Zebra puppet (deluxe kit only), animal stickers (deluxe kit only), parents guide, and activity book. The activity box is also part of the deluxe kit only.

all about reading 4

The progress chart will eventually go in Sweet B’s room.

all about reading 5

Everything fits quite neatly in our tote bag (in the deluxe kit only) so we can hang it on the dining room door for easy storage. We do all of our afterschooling work at the dining room table so it’s nice to have it close by. When Squeaker starts Tot School and Home Preschool, I’ll also order an additional Student Packet (to replace the consumables) for her.

I was fairly impressed with the products that we received and I’m sure that they’ll help both Sweet B and Squeaker in the long term. For Sweet B, especially, having a multi-sensory approach to learning is particularly important. The components of All About Reading will help us do this easily and the Parent’s Guide is an outstanding resource for me.

Overall, we would definitely recommend All About Reading if your child is struggling with literacy development.

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