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In the Spring of 2015, we ventured into the world of home gardening. We had wanted to start a vegetable garden in the backyard and possibly branch into other plants or create a butterfly garden. I have many fond memories of growing vegetables with my mom and hope to share this experience with Squeaker and Sweet B as well. Unfortunately, we didn’t prepare enough so we were unable to grow much of anything. That and our backyard still needed some work done. While we ended up going with a container garden last year, this year we’ll probably do a mixture of raised bed gardening and container gardening. I want to share with you, some of the steps that we took and places that we looked when we started planning a garden at home.

Are you looking to start a garden at home? I'm sharing my tips and advice for planning a garden.

How to Start Planning a Garden at Home

I’ve taken care of bonsai, cactus, and vegetables in this past so I have a light green thumb. We have notions of putting up spider plants in the house, at some point, but beyond that my thumb isn’t so green. The thought of growing flowers kind of intimidates me and I don’t have the patience to plant fruit trees.

But I do recall my bit of envy every time I ventured to the farmer’s market with the girls last summer. The fresh vegetables were amazing and we could really taste the difference.

So it’s not for a lack of motivation but rather not quite knowing where to start.

Know Your Growing Zones Before You Plan Your Garden

Gardening is not the same in every state. If you’ve ever planted food in your garden and had it fail, you may have made the mistake of planting foods that are outside your region. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has a map which can help show preppers which foods will grow the best in their region and when those foods should be planted.

Whether you buy seeds or plants, foods are labeled by their hardiness. Those labels are referring to the specific areas of a state where the plant will thrive. There are eleven regions divided by temperature into zones 1 through 11.

Southern states are divided by whether the area is coastal and tropical as well as whether they fall under the upper, lower or middle South zone. A state can be all of one particular region or a mixture of two or three. For example, Florida’s region is completely coastal and tropical while South Carolina is a blend of coastal and tropical as well as lower and middle South.

Some states are located in the Southwestern Deserts region. California is divided into zones by whether it’s northern or southern California and is divided b coastal regions and inland valley too.

The Pacific Northwest is a region and the Western Mountains and High Plains is another. The remaining regions are the Northern Central Midwest, the Middle Atlantic and the New England Region.

To locate your region, look on the USDA map for your state and it will tell you what zone you’re in. The map will also tell you when to plant your garden. When planting a survival garden, you want to plant to what will grow well in your region.

What Can You Plant in Your Garden?

Grain and corn can grow well in almost all the regions, as will beans and peas. You can grow staples such as oats and barley as well as tomatoes. Potatoes and carrots grow easily in most regions.

Cabbage, lettuce and squash make great foods for gardening as well. Broccoli and herbs should be in a survival garden and you don’t want to forget to grow fruits for making jams and jellies as well as for use in pies and other desserts. Fruits from the berry family (blueberries, raspberries and blackberries) are easily grown. Don’t forget to plant a section for herbs.

Almost everything that you grow in a garden, both fruits and vegetables, can be canned and safely stored as long as you make sure the food boils for at least 10 minutes. Foods that you can from your garden can keep for years, they’re healthier for you and will hold their fresh taste.

After doing some looking around, I thought that maybe buying a kit to start indoors would be my best bet. I spent a bit of time on and two things that caught my eye in particular are the Salad Garden Starter Set and their selection of indoor herb garden kits. I’m going to talk that over with Kyle though and we’ll see if we end up purchasing something from there. If we do, of course we’ll let you know how our experience goes.

Another place that I spent some time, was The Old Farmer’s Almanac. We have a print copy, but it’s also nice to have the reference online. I read through their article on starting seeds indoors and also checked out an article on when to start seeding indoors from Away to Garden.

Those articles at least gave me an ideas of where to start if we’re going to start from seedlings. While I was reading those, I also checked Amazon to see what they had for books for beginning gardeners. And the next time I have funds, I’ll be investing in these or checking them out from the library to see if they’re a good fit for what I’m looking for.

After I got myself away from Amazon, it was back to google to start looking for articles on what vegetables would be best for starting a home garden. Of course, I also had to think about what we like to eat because I’m not going to spend the time planting something and cultivating it if we aren’t going to eat it. Mother Earth News has a great list of 10 Best Garden Crops for Beginners and Garden Guides also has an article on Vegetable Starter Plants.

Our Beginning Garden Planting List

So what’s on our list to try growing in our garden?









We’ll see how far we get with our garden this year, but hopefully we have some success with it. Of course, I’ll start sharing our progress (or lack of) once we really start to get moving with this project. And if you’re looking for more resources on starting a home garden, be sure to check out my Pinterest board!

Though this is also geared towards starting a family garden (since I want the kiddos to be involved), there’s a lot of tips and helpful advice here.

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Do you have a garden at home? What advice would you share with someone who’s just starting out?

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Alison Gibb
Alison Gibb
9 years ago

I have seen that salad indoor kit somewhere. I remember thinking that I would love to try it. Let us know how it all works out!

Cia from Cia Says
9 years ago

Oh my! I needed to read this today. Last week I found myself with a huge backyard that will require loads of attention once the weather is better. Last night I found myself at Home Depot trying to wrap my head around all I need in order to create my dream garden. This article you have written is like a precious jewel to me. 😀

Nancy (@spiffykerms)
9 years ago

Oh I’d love to do this out in my front porch. I don’t have much of a green thumb, but perhaps I’ll get better with time…hahaha – wishful thinking hey!!

9 years ago

We don’t have a garden, but we’ve been kicking around the idea. It seems like a waste to live in Florida and not take advantage of the ridiculously long growing season.

9 years ago

We grew our own garden this past spring/summer and loved it!! It grew so many veggies it was hard to keep up!

judy maharrey
judy maharrey
9 years ago

I too want to do a garden this year. I have had one the past 2 years, with some successes and some fsilures. The worse failure was tomatoes. I read books, bOught what I thought I needed, but still did not grow any good tomatoes. I had sucesss with peppers hot and green peppers, cucumbers and sunflowers.

9 years ago

I had a garden at my old house, but haven’t done much here. Hoping to this year if I can. My kids love helping me tend to the garden and even start it so it would be a fun project.

Nina Say
9 years ago

I have always wanted to start my own garden. Unfortunately for me I am absolutely terrified of bees and wasps and they are always hovering around lol

9 years ago

I love gardening in the summer, it’s always so beautiful to walk outside and see the flowers blooming!

9 years ago

This is something my kiddo and I plan on doing this year once we move next month. He wants to grow watermelons, I want to grow some flowers too.

Traci U
Traci U
9 years ago

We don’t have a place to put a garden at the moment, but that hasn’t kept us from planning on what we are going to plant once we move into our own place in the near future. But we plan on planting everything from flowers to fruits & vegetables to herbs to trees.

Donna Ward
9 years ago

You are one busy Mom – some day I do want my own garden – maybe in a greenhouse, that’s a goal – thank you for sharing this great info – very helpful – 🙂

Debbie Welchert
Debbie Welchert
9 years ago

My husband always has had a garden ever year. We have tomatoes, green beans, peppers, squash, onions, potatoes, cucumbers and lots of other things. We have had a garden for probably 25 years and I wouldn’t know what to do without all of the fresh vegetables. You will love having a garden and all the wonderful veggies you will get too.

Chrystal @ YUM eating
9 years ago

I LOVE to garden. Every year our garden has gotten bigger and bigger. We have 2 acres so there is no shortage of space for us to garden in. Last year we did some experimenting and all was going well until we had weeks of rain. A lot of my garden was damaged.

Notorious Spinks
9 years ago

I wish I were your neighbor. I would love to start a home garden and will when I buy a house. Thanks and enjoy.

Ann Bacciaglia
Ann Bacciaglia
9 years ago

I planted my first garden last summer. I had Kale and tomatoes. It was only a little spot in the back yard. This summer i will have to make a bigger garden and plant some squash and beans.

Cherri Megasko
9 years ago

I love having a garden, even though it is a whole lot of work. There’s nothing like needing an onion or tomato for dinner and just being able to walk outside and pick one!

eliz frank
eliz frank
9 years ago

I’ve had various types of gardens over the years. Now I seem to do more with my porch garden.

9 years ago

This is my dream, when I get a home with a backyard. I have been trying to grow veggies on the window sill for about two years now, with no success. Great tips.

9 years ago

I wanted to have a home garden filled with medicinal herbs, but that’s possible if only we have a larger space at home for that. I never though seeding indoors would be fine, too. I’ll start reading those ideas on Amazon and books for beginners.

Angela Christoper
9 years ago

I haven’t garden at my home, but I really love to have it! If I already have a garden I’ll read this again thank you.

9 years ago

We don’t have a vegetable garden, only a flower garden. 🙂 Part of our land though is being used as community garden.

9 years ago

We try to grow few veggies and herbs at home. I use to be able to do more but we changed the layout in the yard.

9 years ago

I really want to start a garden this year! I would love zucchini, cucumber, carrots, potatoes, and herbs!

Mary O'Malley
9 years ago

I love having a garden. Every time I move into a new place (apartments) I tend to plant something in the yard. Generally it’s flower seeds, but I’m thinking that it might be fun sometime to start an indoor garden with some tomatoes. 😀