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Have I mentioned before that we don’t really do Valentine’s Day? I’ve never been a huge fan because to me, it’s a more commercialized holiday. And expressing your love for someone should not be limited to one day- you know? But this year, I had the opportunity to partner with Zazzle to bring you a few personalized gift ideas for the blogger in your life. Well, they don’t have to be a blogger. They could be an entrepreneur, home business owner, CEO, etc. The point is that I’m sharing personalized gift ideas.

If you have a blogger or entrpeneur in your life, surprise them with a personalized gift.

Of course, one of the keys with creating a personalized gift is to make sure that you have a logo that will look well for printing. You could, of course, use one of the designs already featured on Zazzle.

I opted to use my own logo and was also pretty pleased to see how it translated.

I got myself a custom t-shirt

It looks a lot better in person because the light was washing out the colors. But I love how this turned out! One of my goals is to have a hoodie so it was a nice way to see how my logo would look on clothing.

Now, while I may prefer to do the majority of my blog work on my desktop computer, having a laptop is so convenient. Some days I may want to work on the couch. Or if we take a walk, I could always bring my laptop with me to work. And when I do, I can show off my fancy laptop skin. I think it could make for a great conversation starter, and if anything- it might get people curious enough to ask.

You never know!

I also got myself a water bottle because when we’re out and about during the warmer weather, I wanted a way to advertise myself.

Now, while I may not give everyone a personalized gift (featuring my stuff), I think personalized gift ideas are a great idea. Not just for Valentine’s Day but for any day of the year. And with Zazzle, I have such a wide variety at my fingertips.

Have you ever given someone a personalized gift? Or have you ever received a personalized gift? What did you think of it?

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