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Now, while I’m not suggesting that you go and spend all of your tax return on fun things; you should be able to treat yourself, right? Or, at the very least, buy a few things that the whole family will enjoy. At least that’s usually how it goes for us. After we’ve set aside some of the tax return to pay for important things, we figure out what else to spend it on. Most years we have usually just saved it for a rainy day or an emergency. This year, however, we’re going to consider a few fun things to spend it on.

This post was sponsored by Samsung as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Lately, we’ve become more of a Walmart family. And I admit, I was one of those people who always had a negative connotation attached to Walmart. But, then I’ve come to realize just how much money we can save when we shop there. From our everyday things to our bigger purchases, Walmart has really become one of our favorite places to shop.

And if you’re looking for ways to really make the most of your tax return, or however much you delegate to fun stuff; be sure to check out the Samsung products. Unsure of what they have? You can find:

  • Mobile Devices (like the Samsung Galaxy S7 on StraightTalk)
  • Tablets
  • TVs
  • Home audio systems

Oh yes, I am a Samsung fan. We have a Samsung TV and I have a Samsung tablet and a Samsung phone.

Speaking of phones, let’s talk about that Samsung Galaxy S7. I’ve had my eye on this one to use for my work phone and combined with Straight Talk, I think it makes a lot of sense.

It comes with 32GB of internal storage space and if you really need more, you can purchase a 256GB micro SD card. The battery life is great and the phone charges quickly thanks to built in wireless charging. Do keep in mind, of course, that battery life will depend on your daily activity, network configuration, network strength, browser use, and things like that.

I’ve also thought about getting a new Samsung tablet for work or for when we’re out and about.

Portable entertainment for everyone- The Galaxy Tab E was made to go wherever you go and do whatever you want to do. From watching a movie with the family at home to reading a best seller at the coffee shop, the big, bright screen keeps everyone entertained.

Wi-Fi connection required and your signal strength depends on Wi-Fi.

So those are just a few fun ideas for how to spend your tax return. What would you buy?

More Family Friendly Things to Buy with Your Tax Return


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