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Welcome to the first week of Mommy Camp for Toddlers! Every Friday in June and into the first two or three weeks of July, I’ll have a new post for you. But just what is mommy camp for toddlers? It’s a simple way to work on fundamentals like fine and gross motor skills and learn concepts like the alphabet, shapes, numbers, and colors. Posts will be on Friday so you can use the weekend to prepare for the upcoming week ahead. But why have something just for toddlers? Well, if they see their big siblings going off to summer camp, this could be a fun way to keep them active and give them their own summer camp experience at home. It’s really whatever you make of it!

Looking to keep your toddler entertained this summer? Try Mommy Camp for Toddlers!

First, let’s talk about what gross motor skills are and why they’re important.

Gross motor skills are what we use to move (walking, jumping, hopping, climbing, etc.) and usually one of the first set of skills that start to develop in children.

So why are they so important?

We want our children to be confident with their body and with their movement.

Now, I want to share a few gross motor activities for your toddler. Don’t feel like you have to do all of them but pick a few to try during the week. See what works for your toddler and what doesn’t.

We’ve shared two simple gross motor activities here with indoor hopscotch and a stomping game that can be done indoors or outdoors. Both of these games can be adapted for toddlers of any age or ability.

Jamie at Hands On As We Grow shares a tape jumping activity, walking on pillows, and indoor balancing game. She also has a great list of 10 indoor activities for toddlers.

Ashlee at A Well Nourished Nest shares teaching with Twister.. this could also be used as a fun color game.

Kara at Allternative Learning shares 10 Gross Motor Skills for Toddlers.

Kim at Life Over C’s shares a Jack Be Nimble inspired game.

Jennifer at Study At Home Mama has a few post about yoga for gross motor skills. Starting yoga is a great way to introduce movement and calm.

Finally, Holly at Kid’s Activities Blog shares 5 fun ways to use packing materials.

I hope that you find something fun to do and just remember- the point of Mommy Camp for Toddlers is to have fun with your toddler.

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