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Pests are one of the biggest challenges gardens can face, but there is no need for them to gain a complete advantage. In fact, there are a variety of simple ways to prevent your crops from infestation. Here are some simple strategies that can make a big difference.

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Physical Barriers

You can make good use of barriers like mesh or fences to stop pests from getting near your crops. While a perimeter such as a fence can make a big difference in terms of the larger pests, you may want to make the most of perimeter pest control services to take care of the smaller pests.

Watering Plants Early in the Morning

Plants need water for photosynthesis, which occurs during the day, so if you water them later on in the day, this means that they are damp, which can breed fungi or other diseases. When you water the plants, make sure the roots are soaked, rather than the foliage.

Take Control of Your Weeds

Weeds are in direct competition with your plants, and they can be a base for insects, pests, and parasites. Just get into the habit of pulling out weeds from the roots, and you will be slowly winning the war.

Confuse the Pests

When you are planting crops that you want to protect, you could benefit from mixing up the varieties, and this can confuse passing pests, making it harder for them to hone in on their ideal crop. You can plant vegetables with herbs and flowers, which also can make for a far more colorful variety of crops.

Growing Vegetables Out of the Way

The best thing you can do is to keep crops out of the way of things like fruit flies. You can plant your vegetables in raised spots that will prevent problems with pests that dwell in the soil, for example, slugs. While it’s not always possible, if you can raise your bed off the ground as much as possible, this will avoid the early setbacks from slugs and pigeons.

Keep Your Plants Healthy

This is a very simple, yet effective practice. You need to make sure your plants are as healthy as they can be, by growing them in the right conditions, watering them well, and keeping them well-fed. Paying attention to the soil will also ensure they have a system where they can thrive.

Growing Resistant Varieties of Vegetables

There are specific varieties of vegetables that can be resistant to specific pests. For example, if you are looking to grow carrots, the bane of your life can be the carrot fly, but if you can find carrot fly-resistant types, this will save you a lot more frustration in the long run.

Planting outside peak times

If you start to grow your vegetables outside of peak times, you are winning the battle. For example, you can grow vegetables like mustard in the fall months when there are fewer beetles around, which will make a big difference so you can start to renovate your garden in the right ways for you.

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