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Can you believe that we’re at the end of the Ditch the Junk challenge? Easter is on Sunday which marks the end of Lent. I regret that I do not have my follow up workbook ready as promised but I will have that on Friday for Freebie Friday. However, just because the challenge is over, that doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop working on my focus areas. I’ll continue to talk about decluttering, organization, destressing, and healthier eating regularly here.

Ditch the Junk- a challenge to makeover your life

And even if you’re just finding this post now? No worries! The Ditch the Junk challenge can be started at any time. The point is to take 6 weeks or 40 days (whichever you’d prefer) to work on focus areas. For this challenge, I chose: detoxifying, decluttering, and destressing. For me, this challenge opened up my eyes to a lot of things and really got me to focus on what I needed to focus on.

The three areas that I chose were specific parts of my life that I’ve needed to work on and by taking up this challenge, I finally got my plans into place.

For example, in the detoxifying area, I initially just let go of Twix minis. But as the challenge continued, I found myself cutting out more sugar and reading labels to see what was really in my food. I’ve been meaning to make these kind of lifestyle changes anyway, but the challenge really kicked it into gear.

With the decluttering, I know that the potential is there for me to really have this be a problem. I am a sentimental person so it’s easy for me to let this pile up. But, because I also know how detrimental this can be for my mental and physical health- the challenge really got me to open  my eyes and assess things critically.

With destressing, I’m still working on that. And I know it wouldn’t be entirely realistic to expect lasting results in 40 days but I’m glad that I’m on the right path to continue keeping these focus areas a priority in my life.

And, who knows, I may keep up with this challenge or make it a seasonal challenge. I think that the time period is perfectly manageable and reasonable to maintain. Or I may just continue to work on my focus areas for the rest of the year and find new focus areas to work on next year. I haven’t quite decided yet.

Ultimately, my goal with this challenge was to provide myself with a way to be accountable and focus on areas of my life that I wanted to work on. Now I just need to set myself up for long term success.

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Martine - MeUnfinished
9 years ago

Good luck! Wishing you the best 🙂