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A warm home is a more comfortable, cozy home, but at this time of year especially, the house can get a little bit chilly, and utility bills are only getting higher, so what can you do to make your home feel warmer apart from the obvious thing of turning the heating up?

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Have your heating system serviced


If your heating system is not working optimally, then it will cost you more to run it and your home will not be as warm as it could be. Having timely service and heater repair will mean your heater can work as efficiently as possible and make your home feel as warm as possible, as efficiently as possible.


Throw down a few rugs


If you have wooden floors in your home, then they can cause the place to feel a lot cooler. By placing a few rugs down in the rooms where you are most likely to spend time, you can more effectively trap heat on the ground, and ensure that your feet do not get cold when you are moving around the place.


Exclude drafts


Draft excluders are very cheap, and they are excellent at keeping drafts out of the rooms in your home. Simply attach them to the bottom of your doors and they will block any drafts that make their way inside your home from getting to you and making you and your family feel chilly.


Turn the fan clockwise


If you have a ceiling fan, turning it to the clockwise position in winter slows it down, which helps it to keep warm air circulating around the room more effectively, thus keeping you and your family warmer. Just remember to turn it counterclockwise again in the summer or you could end up feeling uncomfortably hot.


Throw on some flannel sheets


If you want to ensure the whole family feels toasty warm in bed, then switch to your usual sheets for a set of flannel once. They are great at trapping the heat and keeping you snug no matter how cold it is outside, and they give your bedrooms a really warm and cozy feel to them too.


Move the furniture


If you have furniture in such a position that it is blocking heating vents, radiators, or heaters of any kind, then move it so that the hot air can flow more freely around the spade and it will feel warmer without you having to turn the thermostat up one little bit.


Go big on blankets


Buying as many big, fuzzy. Warm blankets and throes as you can find and making them available o couches, chairs, and beds means that, when it gets a bit chilly, you can all wrap up warm and enjoy the coziness together. Afghans are particularly good, but any quilts, blankets, and throws will work well.


There’s nothing like snuggling up all warm and cozy with your family by your side, so be sure to use a few of these tips to make your home feel even warmer this winter!


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