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If you have been thinking lately that your home has been looking dark and dreary then there are plenty of things you can do to update it. You may have lived in your home for some time and it may be starting to look very lived in. You might have also just moved into your new home and want to give it the revamp it deserves. 


If you are living with children then it is important to remember that too much upheaval and change can affect them, this is especially true if they have additional needs such as ASD. Be sure to provide constant reassurance about what is happening. You could present them with a social story about what will be going on and what will be changing in the house.



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Kitchen Refit


One of the first things you might want to think about revamping is the kitchen. This may be the heart of your home, the area where you spend a huge chunk of your time. If this is the case then you want your kitchen to be perfect. If it isn’t fit for purpose and it causes you more angst and stress than happiness then definitely look into updating it. You don’t necessarily need to pay huge amounts of money for a kitchen refit. You can do wonders with your kitchen cupboards, a paint tin, and some handles. Your kitchen will look brand new with just a lick of paint. 


Alternatively, you can visit a kitchen showroom to see what type of styles you like. If you want to save money then you could opt for using flat pack kitchen units that you build yourself. These will save you a huge amount of money as if you buy from a kitchen showroom you could expect to pay anything from $2,000 to $6,000.


Flatpack self-assembly kitchen furniture and units will cost you between $1,000 and $3,000. You will also save on the assembly as you do this yourself rather than paying a contractor to do it for you. 


If you want your little ones to help you in the kitchen you could get a center island if you have space for this. This is the best option when it comes to keeping your children safe, away from hot ovens and hobs. 


Bathroom Makeover


Similar to the kitchen, if your bathroom is not very user-friendly then you will want to change this. If you are a family with young children then you may need a bath rather than a shower. If your current bathroom only has a shower then it can be quite arduous to put the kids in the shower cubicle and hose them down. If money and space allow you, you could add in a bath as well as your shower. That way you have both options available, this is great as they get older or if you have guests over. 


If you just want to update your bathroom then you could change the flooring, non-slip vinyl would be the best option here. You could also add some decorative decals to the bathroom walls. 


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Children’s Bedrooms


If you are wanting to update the kiddie’s bedrooms then the best thing to do is get their input. They are the ones sleeping in there so if you decorate it without running it by them they may not like it. Think about the age and stage of the child as the way you decorate will differ for each age group. For instance, a toddler room will be completely different from a teenage room. Ask them if they would prefer paint or wallpaper and better yet take them shopping when you buy it. You could get them a brand new bed, cabin beds, and mid sleepers are all the rage these days. They are great as they usually have a little den or cubby hole underneath that can be used for reading or watching some TV. 


Storage will always be your friend when it comes to your children’s rooms as they do tend to have a lot of toys and paraphernalia laying around. You could search online for the best type of storage and see what is in your budget. 




If you are updating the inside of your property then it may be worth looking at the exterior to see if anything needs doing with that. Over time the exterior can start to look worn out and tired, it could do with a coat of paint to give it some life. You could also do bits to your garden to jazz it up a bit, this includes adding bright-colored plants around the border and possibly a water feature. 


You could also add a touch of warm lighting by your front door as well as a doormat. Door mats are great for both outdoors and indoors. It saves you and the kids trekking mud and all sorts through the house. 


Living Room


Finally, if you want to update your living room or family room then there are many options available to you here. If you want a low-maintenance living room then consider changing to a hardwood floor if you don’t already have it. This is much easier to manage than carpet and is much more family-friendly. If you have children roaming around then your television may be safer on the wall than on a stand, the last thing you want is the TV to be knocked off. Placing this on the wall will open up a huge amount of space that you can play with.



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We hope you found this article helpful and it gave you some useful insight into the options available when it’s time to revitalize your home. Remember, if you don’t feel capable or confident enough to do these jobs yourself then you can hire professionals to do them for you. This option will always ensure you receive a top-quality job using the best materials. If you do decide to use professionals to help then check out their reviews before hiring them. 


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