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If you live in a small home and want to make the most of all the space you have, this article is for you! Often, when deciding how to arrange the space and figuring out what we can fit in there, we only look at the floor space available. But if your place is only little and you are struggling to fit your life into it without making the place look like a cluttered mess, there are steps you can take to embrace the verticality of your home. 

What does verticality mean?

Verticality is embracing the height, as well as the width, of your home. This means you can use furniture and design innovation to make the space seem larger, as well as utilizing the height of your home for storage purposes. Here are two key ways you can use the verticality of your home!

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Install shelving

Shelving is very useful for storing all sorts of things, and what’s more, it can be installed high up on your walls. Instead of using up floor space for a bookcase, house plants, a TV stand or other storage, install robust shelving to store these things up high, leaving you with plenty of room on the floor for other things. Stackable shelves are also helpful in this area; you can use minimal floor space, while stacking the storage you need on top of itself securely. 

What’s more, shelving looks awesome as well as serving its purpose. Decorating your walls with colorful shelves draws the eye up, helping to achieve an elegant, spacious ambiance in your home.

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Hang things from the ceiling

When implementing this step, make sure you have a professional install strong hooks in your ceiling for safety reasons.

As well as using all your wall space for maximum effect, you can hang things from the ceiling too! Most people think of the ceiling as a blank space which has no purpose other than to hold the roof up, but that simply isn’t true. You can create space in your home by hanging things, such as:

  • Laundry pulley. If you don’t have a drier or prefer to air-dry your clothing, you might struggle to find space for a regular fold-up clothes horse. Instead, install a laundry pulley, which handily sits up in the ceiling, only being brought down into your living space when you need to fetch your laundry off of it!
  • A tasteful light. Instead of using lamps which take up space on the ground, you can install a tasteful lampshade or Murano Chandeliers on your ceiling for a subtle glow in the room. This utilizes your ceiling space while also adding tasteful décor to your home. 
  • Hanging plants. Houseplants are all the rage right now, and it’s true, they are awesome! If you want to create a green jungle-feel in your house, you can hang vine plants such as pothos variations from your ceiling. 

All in all, it is easy to forget that the high-up corners of our homes have purpose, too. Use them with this helpful guide and achieve a balanced, beautiful space. 

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