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We’ve all heard of spring cleaning, but another great time of year to give your home an overhaul is in the lead up to the festive season. We’ve just entered November and most of us are gearing up for cold temperatures, holiday celebrations and generally spending more time at home.

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Giving your home a complete deep clean can lay the groundwork for decorations and generally feeling more cozy and comfortable. But where should you start? Here are a few suggestions that will help to get the ball rolling.




The first step on any cleaning journey should be decluttering. There’s a big difference between clutter and dirt. Clutter is items being left around. Dirt is actually dirt that can be unhygienic. Decluttering is essential to give you a clear canvas to work with when you start cleaning your home. Go through your belongings and separate out the things you use and actually want to keep. They should be practical, have some decorative value or hold significant sentimental value. Then find a place for these to go. Invest in storage solutions and put everything in its place. You’ll be left with the items you neither want nor need. You should aim to sell these, donate them to charity or recycle them.


Resolve Issues


Some homes will have issues that need to be resolved. If you have pests, such as termites present, you should use ethical pest control solutions from If you have damaged walls, have them repaired. If you have cracked windows, call in a glazier. If there’s a leak, a plumber will be able to help. Fixing issues and problems can ensure that you don’t face damage to your home and unnecessary mess.


Carpet Cleaning


If you have carpets, it’s likely that you vacuum or hoover them on a regular basis. This is important and will lift surface dirt and debris from the spaces you clean. However, you do need to carry out carpet cleaning too. Dirt can grind into the pile, as this is a fabric, and it can be difficult to get out. Carpet cleaning machines effectively wash the pile and lift out any dirt that has stained the fibers or fallen deeper. Alternatively, you can use carpet cleaning services.


Oven Cleaning


Another area that is commonly neglected when it comes to routine household chores is oven cleaning. We use our ovens on a daily basis, but few of us clean them after every use. This means that a lot of dirt begins to build up inside, as foods splash and drip as they heat up. This becomes baked onto surfaces and can be difficult to remove. The good news is that there are specialist kits available that use chemicals to remove this. Just make sure to wear protective gear, avoid touching it with your skin and to follow instructions on the packet.


Hopefully, some of the tips above will help you to keep your home sparkling clean, ready for the holiday season!

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