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Maintaining the perfect temperature in your home is more important than people realize. It is difficult to relax if you are too cold or too hot, and if you work from home, the wrong temperature can make it impossible to focus and stay productive. Unfortunately, most people find that there is always one room in their home that is too hot or too cold, even if the rest of the house is the perfect temperature. This temperature balance can be tough to deal with but, usually, there is a specific cause, so you can fix it. These are some of the most common causes of temperature imbalance in your home. 

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The Wrong Size HVAC Unit 

An HVAC unit is the best way to maintain the temperature in your home, but some people struggle because their air conditioning unit is the wrong size for their home or it is not fitted correctly. This means that you don’t get the airflow that you need and certain rooms will be nice and cool while others will still be boiling hot. It’s worth checking the heating and cooling replacement cost and having a new HVAC unit fitted to see whether that makes a difference. At the very least, you should have your air conditioning unit serviced by a professional to make sure that it is working as it should. 

Poor Insulation

This is a particular problem in older properties because the insulation materials are not as effective as modern building materials. If rooms are not insulated well, it’s so hard to maintain the right temperature, even if you have a good heating and cooling system in place. Although it is a large expense, you should consider adding more insulation in certain areas of the home. This will make it easier to heat the rooms in winter, so you will earn that money back in the form of reduced energy bills in the future. 

Old Windows 

Old single glazed windows are not very good at keeping heat in at all. That’s not too much of a problem in the summer when you are trying to keep cool. But when winter rolls around, you will find it hard to heat the house properly because you are losing so much heat through the windows. You should consider upgrading to double or triple glazed windows or, at the very least, fixing any small gaps that are letting heat out. 

Badly Placed Thermostats 

Your thermostat is most accurate in the room that it’s in. So, when you set the temperature, the heating will work until that room is at the right temperature and then switch off, even if other rooms in the house are too cold. That’s why it’s important to think carefully about where you put the thermostat. You can also get around this problem by installing a zoning system that allows you to control the temperature in each room individually. 

If you can rectify some of these problems in your home, you should be able to deal with the temperature imbalance and make sure that your home is the perfect temperature all year round.  

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