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Some industries can be highly competitive. Landing a job in these industries can require going the extra mile, as well as being a little creative. Here are just five tips for helping you to score that dream job in a crowded market.

Look beyond the popular job boards

Everyone is going to be applying to jobs via the likes of Indeed and Monster. Consider looking beyond these popular job boards and consider other places where you may find companies advertising. There could be niche job advertisement boards that cater to your industry – for instance, you can search emergency medical jobs at Practice Match. On top of online job boards, consider other places such as social media, recruitment agency sites and job fairs.

Contact companies that aren’t advertising

Just because a company isn’t advertising doesn’t mean that aren’t likely to hire anyone. Popular companies often get so many people contacting them directly for jobs that they never need to advertise. Other companies meanwhile may be thinking of advertising and you may be able to get in there before they’ve even posted an advert. Start searching for companies that you want to work for, find the right contact details and send out your application.  

Mail a CV in the post

The internet pretty much defeated the need for the snail mail, but now it’s become so rare to send a CV in the mail that it can be an effective way of standing out. Consider printing off a few personalized application letters with CVs and try mailing them out to see if you get a response. If you can, try to address the letter to the employer – general ‘dear sir/madam’ letters may be opened by a secretary who may simply throw the letter in the trash.

Pick up some extra skills and qualifications

It could benefit you to pick up some new skills and qualifications within your career field. These don’t have to be full courses – you may be able to pick skills from day courses and short courses. Even reading books, attending seminars and volunteering can help you to pick up skills that you can mention on your CV. Let’s say for instance you want to become a journalist. By learning skills in photography, editing and blogging, you can show that you have a diverse skill set compared to someone with a basic journalism degree.

Focus on quality, not quantity

Some people take the approach of mass-mailing out CVs and applying to as many companies as possible. This isn’t always the best strategy for standing out. By targeting fewer companies but personalizing each application letter (and even each CV), you may be able to stand out more. Try to relate your application to the requirements and duties listed in the job ad. It’s worth also taking the time to research the company and showing off your knowledge. This guide at TopResume offers more information on personalizing your CV.

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