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If you feel like your home is constantly cluttered and compact, it may be time to free up some space. 

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Here Are A 10 Tips On How To Make More Room In Your Home:

  • Get rid of anything you haven’t used in a year.

This includes clothes, shoes, small kitchen appliances, books, and any other items that are taking up precious space but not being used. It might be hard to part with some items that have sentimental value or were expensive when purchased, but the long-term relief of extra space will be worth it.

  • Store items you don’t plan on using for a while in an offsite storage facility.

If you have furniture or other bulky items that are only needed occasionally or seasonally, consider putting them in a Mobile Storage until they will become useful once again. This clears up precious floor space and allows you to keep those treasured possessions without cluttering your home.

  • Take advantage of wall and ceiling space with shelving or hanging storage.

This is a great way to keep items stored away while still being able to access them easily when needed. Hang up baskets, pegboards, shelves, hooks and other organizers in high-traffic areas that can contain everyday items and free up countertops, drawers, and floor space.

  • Think vertically!

Make use of the vertical space on your walls by adding tall bookcases or cabinets for storing extra items away from the main living area. Since the eye naturally travels up towards the ceiling anyway, this will be an attractive way to clear out clutter without making it feel like you’re constantly surrounded by stuff.

  • Use small storage containers or bins.

Small containers provide a great way to organize items quickly and easily while also freeing up space in the process. Look for stackable containers with lids so you can store away items without taking up too much room and have easy access when needed.

  • Utilize cupboard and cabinet doors.

Doors are often overlooked as a great way to store smaller items, but they can be a helpful addition to any space-saving plan. Add pockets on the inside of doors for storing things like spices, cleaning supplies, or other kitchen necessities that take up limited counter space. You can also add hooks or racks to hang tools like mops or dusters.

  • Keep like items together.

When organizing larger items, try to keep like items grouped together in an organized way. This way, when you need something specific, you’ll know exactly where it is and won’t have to search through piles of other stuff to find it.

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  • Donate or sell gently used items that you don’t need anymore.

Instead of just throwing unwanted items away, consider donating them to a local charity or thrift store. You can also hold a yard sale or post items online to make a little bit of extra money while getting rid of unnecessary possessions.

  • Take advantage of space under furniture.

Make use of the often-overlooked space beneath beds, couches, and other furniture with containers or rolling drawers that can be slid out when necessary. This allows for more storage without having to add bulky furniture pieces into the mix.

  • Make use of multifunctional items.

Look for ways to combine furniture pieces like a bed frame with built-in storage drawers or a coffee table with hidden compartments. Not only do these types of items provide extra room for storing things away, they also add an interesting design element to your home décor.


With these tips you can make the most out of your living space while still keeping all your possessions in order. By following these suggestions, you’ll be able to create a neat and organized home without sacrificing style or comfort.

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