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If you’re planning to homeschool your children in the near future, you might be worried about implementing a school routine. After all, this is your home, and your kids are used to being able to relax and do what they want here – how are you going to create a classroom environment in which they sit up and listen to you as a teacher? 

Well, with the points below, we hope to help you create the right schooling environment for you and your kids. It’s not as hard as you might think, and you can always make adjustments here and there to suit your kids. This is your homeschooling plan, so it’s entirely up to you! 

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Be Flexible

First of all, you’re going to want to be flexible about your schedule. Think of it less as a rigid structure that you have to adhere to each and every day, and more of a guideline that ensures you’re always on the right track. 

If you want to get the school day started at 8:45am, don’t aim for that exact time every day. Instead, use more of a timeframe, and aim for getting the school day started between 8:30am and 9:00 in the morning. You’ll have a lot more wiggle room to work with, and that’ll certainly help the kids to wake up and get into the homeschooling zone! 

Wear a Uniform

A uniform, no matter what kind it is, always helps the wearer to feel more like the part. So, when it comes to setting up a homeschool within your home, and getting your kids to adjust to the routine as soon as possible, investing in some school shirts and trousers for them to wear during the weekday could be the way forward. 

It’ll help them to feel more like they’re in school; they won’t be wearing their own clothes that they like, and they’ll be dressed in something they can’t overly fiddle or play with, and that’s helpful for getting them to feel like they’re in a classroom. Sure, it might be the living room that you’re teaching in, but the uniform they’re wearing helps to say otherwise. 

Fit Schooling Around Your Home Life

Finally, it’s important to give yourself a bit of time either way, when it comes to setting up a homeschooling routine. You’re still at home, teaching in your own rooms and using your own materials, and that won’t stop the house from breaking down in certain areas, or from neighbors knocking on the door, or even from experiencing power cuts. Always remember that your home life goes hand in hand with your homeschool routine, so have a time buffer. Some distractions will happen, and you’re allowed to take a few minutes to deal with them. 

Children need routine; they thrive off of it, and it ensures they’re always feeling good and are in the right place. Make sure your homeschool routine reflects that, and don’t be afraid to change things. 

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