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Knowing that your marriage is over is always going to be a difficult realization to come to. For some, it might have been a long-time coming. For others, it may have come unexpectedly and gut-punched the air out of you. 


Dealing with a broken marriage is one that takes time and it’s important to take it one day at a time. Rushing the process is likely going to cause more heartache whether it’s amicable, or either you or your spouse ended things officially.


With all this being said, here are some tips for dealing with a broken marriage and the steps to take to get from day one to the end of the divorce proceedings. 

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Understand that not all marriages work out

It’s important to be aware that not all marriages work out. In fact, you’re more likely to get divorced than you are to retain a happy and long marriage. It’s known that many marriages nowadays are falling apart. Not everyone can spend a lifetime with their other half. Even if you still love them, the marriage and those commitments you made, may no longer ring true.


Whether it was caused by a situation in particular or it doesn’t really have a reason for breaking down, acknowledging marriages don’t always work out is important. Once you’ve acknowledged that, you may find things are a little easier to navigate as a result.

Don’t go through it alone by creating a support network

Going through a divorce alone is hard enough so it’s important to try and build a support network around you where possible. That can be challenging to do if you share a lot of friends and family members with your other half.


However, there are going to be those who want to be on your side or at least be around the support you, even if they are friends or are related to your spouse. This varies from one situation to another and depending on the history that led up to the broken marriage, it’s important to find those who are going to help you through the tough times.

Avoid fighting with your spouse

Fighting with your spouse is something that’s not going to bring you any pleasure, especially where there are children involved. Of course, no broken marriage ends up in an amicable divorce situation. For some, there may be a lot of hostility towards their spouse and vice versa. However, it’s important to try and keep the peace as best as possible.


There are no real winners in divorce as both individuals end up being single and alone in a relationship status. While it may work out for the best to be this way, losing someone to divorce is a grief that is experienced. Fighting only makes the situation worse, even if provides some temporary satisfaction by insulting your ex-spouse.

Speak to a family lawyer about what to do next

If you’re looking for some guidance on what to do with this broken marriage, it’s worth getting in touch with the experts in family law. The Law Office of Ben Carrasco is a great example of how legal advice can be helpful to guide you through a divorce.


Chances are, this is your first divorce. If that’s the case, then it’s natural that you’re going to have no clue about the process. Consider speaking to a family lawyer about your divorce, even if you feel like your split is going to be harmonious. It’s important to protect yourself legally, should something not pan out in the plan that you had discussed with your partner.

Try to keep your children separate from the divorce

While it can be hard to keep them separate, it’s good for your children if they have no direct involvement with your divorce. From the various meetings or appointments to the disagreements, you have with your spouse.


Keeping your kids separate from it all will help them mentally get through what is a traumatic time for them in their childhood.

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Remind your children that they’re loved

Talking of your children specifically, it’s important you remind them that they’re loved. Through divorce, a lot of their thought processes can relate to why their parents have split up. They often blame themselves or think their parents don’t love them enough to keep the family together. Reminding them that this is not the case and that they’re loved, is essential.


Dealing with a broken marriage impacts a lot of people but most importantly, it’s you that needs prioritizing.


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