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Every romantic relationship is beautiful when both parties are mutually loving, caring, and, most importantly, trustworthy towards their sacred bond called marriage. However, not every relationship is a fairytale from La La Land; infidelity is real, and to prove that right, let’s throw in quick statistics. 

The General Social Survey (GSS) report revealed that more men are likely to Have Sex With Someone Other Than Their Spouse While Married. It is 20% of men compared to 13% of women.


Even though technology has helped couples maintain their long-distance relationships, at the same time, it has aided cheating to a certain extent. 


Are you concerned that your spouse has a second fling behind your back?…


Don’t you worry, as here in this article, we will share some sure-fire signs that something is wrong in your relationship. 


So, without further ado, let’s find out. 

#1 He is Always On His Phone


The biggest red flag is the smartphone he keeps with himself 24*7, even tagging along to the washroom. 


However, there is no issue in spending a lot of time on a smartphone as it has become a part of our day-to-day routine.


But, If he is doing it at late hours, you have to be wary of this. 


Don’t jump to the conclusion; politely inquire“What My Hubby Is Doing on the Internet.” Check the response… 


If the response is somewhat aggressive or perplexed, then the odds of infidelity are on the higher side.


It is best to hire a hacker for cell phone to keep a tab on your partner’s online activities. A certified professional hacker will gather information about your spouse, their email addresses, social media accounts, and phone numbers. Then, employ advanced techniques and tools to investigate your partner’s digital footprint. And, finally, share all the data with you so that you can take appropriate action. 

#2 Your Notice of a Change in Schedule


Unlike traditional infidelity, when the spouse has to make an excuse about where they have been, they need not leave their home in today’s digitalized world. 


But, there will be some tell-tale signs to which you cannot turn a blind eye. 


He might be jumping to bed an hour late or waking early in the morning. 


He might be coming up with reasons to sit in the other room, especially during the odd hours of the day, or go for a morning walk which was earlier not a part of his daily routine. 


Think about how much time he used to devote to you then and what the scenario is now. You’ll get your answer. 

#3 One Name Always Stand Out


Another hint that your partner indulges in a cyber affair is when you notice the same name popping up on his social media profiles.


While the comments can be innocent – anyone can make them – if the same name crops-up multiple times, it could hint that all is not good. It won’t hurt to check her profile, where she is, and how she can fit into your partner’s life. 

#4 Never Take Calls in Front of You


Last but not least, this prevalent sign was reported by most women who found out their partner was cheating on them. Does he leave the room immediately to attend to calls? And, does he do that during the late evening hours? Then, these do not work calls. 


So, if you want to know, accidentally interrupt him one stand, and see his response. 


If it’s a business call, he will apologize to the other person before continuing the conversation. 


Otherwise, he will feel a little embarrassed or appear caught out. Just watch out for his body language & tone of voice. 



It is highly recommended not to make a judgment based on these signs. Further, investigate and then speak to your spouse. Do you wish to suggest any possible warning signs of cheating? Feel free to share with us through the below comment section. 

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