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Listen up, mamas. If you’re raising an autistic child and dealing with infidelity, you deserve a pat on the back. It’s tough, but you don’t have to handle it alone. Did you know that 1 in 44 kids in the US has autism spectrum disorder? And studies show that 20% to 25% of couples deal with cheating at some point. So, you’re not alone, girl.

The emotional toll of infidelity can be far more devastating for moms raising an autistic child. But is it a good enough reason to give up? Should you blame yourself for falling short? Well, you shouldn’t give up or feel guilty because you can stay afloat in the toughest situations. All you need is the right approach. Let’s share some inspiring tips to stay afloat. 

Seek support before you burn out

Infidelity and parenting an autistic child are dual burdens for a mom. You may find yourself close to burnout due to the immense emotional stress. But here’s the deal, don’t blame yourself for falling short. You’re doing the best you can, and that’s all that matters. If you’re struggling, it’s okay to seek support. 

Don’t be shy, lean on your loved ones, or get professional counseling or therapy. You don’t have to shoulder the burden alone; getting help is a sign of strength, not weakness. Reaching out can help with the healing process, whether you want to continue your marriage or move on.

Include self-care in your daily to-do list

Let’s not forget about self-care, y’all. You can’t pour from an empty cup, so prioritize your needs, too. Get your workout on, eat right, and catch some z’s. Carve out time for activities that bring you joy, like hobbies or meditation. Trust me; it’s an investment in your health and well-being, and you’ll have more energy to care for your child.

Moreover, it is crucial when infidelity comes into the picture. The emotional toll is immense, and overlooking self-care can affect your health and sanity.

Communicate with your partner

If you plan to continue the relationship, communicate your feelings and needs with your partner. Never settle for less because you may end up hurting even more if they cheat again. Be firm with your boundaries and expectations, and do not trust too soon. You can hire a hacker to track your husband’s device and be extra sure about his behavior.


Don’t hesitate to spy on a cheater, even if you have an autistic child to look after. Remember that you deserve compassion and honesty, so don’t compromise. Make open conversations a part of your marital life once you start afresh after an episode of infidelity.

Create a routine

Getting through infidelity while raising an autistic child can be a real mind-bender. But listen up, creating a routine can be a game-changer. It brings back some order in your life and your kid’s life, providing a sense of structure and stability during tough times. Plus, autistic kids are sensitive to changes, so sticking to a routine reduces their stress levels and gives you more time to focus on healing. 

Make sure to set up consistent timelines for meals, bedtime, playtime, and other daily activities. This way, your kid feels more secure, and you feel like a boss mama who’s got everything under control

Take things one day at a time

Coping with infidelity is not for the faint of heart, and having an autistic child compounds the stress. While you can’t control what happens to you, it is possible to control how you deal with it. So, take your return journey one day at a time. Don’t worry about tomorrow; focus on what you can do today to improve things for you and your little one. 

Get clear on your priorities and boundaries. Also, decide how you want to take things forward with your partner. Having a game plan will help you feel more grounded and less anxious about the future.

Connect with parents of autistic children

When you’re dealing with the ups and downs of raising an autistic child, it’s crucial to connect with other parents who are in the same boat. Joining a support group or online community is clutch for getting the validation and support you need to get through it. Look for fellow mamas who are going through similar challenges. 

Having a safe space where you can swap stories and experiences is a good look. Just knowing you’re not alone can give you some serious peace of mind. And don’t be afraid to ask how they’re keeping it together and finding time for self-care amidst all the chaos.

Dealing with infidelity as a mom of an autistic child is a daunting challenge. But the right strategies and support can help you move forward and find healing. Don’t worry. You can get through!

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