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As a family household, it’s important to be aware of the safety of your children. As adults, you’ve already learned all of the dangers in life but you don’t realize that your children might not. They need teaching just like you were taught by your parents or influences in life.


There are some common dangers around the home, including your swimming pool. A source of fun and entertainment during those hot months, the swimming pool can certainly have its dangers. That’s why it’s important to teach your children to be aware of its dangers. 


Whether you’ve built your swimming pool already or you’re looking to build one, here are some tips for creating a child-friendly pool for your home.

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Install pool barriers

Pool barriers are an important part of your child-friendly swimming pool because they stop them from falling in. When your swimming pool is not in use, you don’t want to encourage your children to have an unsupervised dip when you’re indoors.


It only takes a second for them to fall in, especially if they’re unable to swim and don’t have their armbands or inflatable safety equipment. Pool barriers are easy to install but will come at an extra cost of building your pool. While it’s an extra cost, you can’t put a price on your child’s safety, especially if your garden is easily accessible.


With pool barriers, you’ll be able to provide yourself with peace of mind, knowing that the pool is kept out of bounds from children when you’re not there to supervise.

Use anti-slip materials for surrounding areas

Anti-slip materials are handy to have around wet areas like the pool. Children love to run and despite you telling them to slow down or to walk around the pool, that’s not always going to stop them from doing it anyway.


To avoid any nasty injuries around the pool, it’s definitely worth installing some anti-slip materials from Rubacrete. They provide surface materials that are anti-slip and will prevent your little ones from causing themselves a cut lip or broken arm!


It’s an extra precaution that you might not think about as an adult but can certainly make all the difference. Perhaps it may come in use for some of the more clumsy adults too?

Get a pool cover

Pool covers are great for those who are wanting to minimize the amount of effort it can take to clean a pool when you’re wanting to use it again. These pool covers come accordingly to the size of the pool and can be custom-made to fit it perfectly.


It’s something that’s well recommended for those with children, especially when you’re conscious of them falling in when unattended. Even if they somehow managed to get past the pool barriers, they’d have trouble removing the pool cover as a small child.

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It’s definitely something that’s worth adding in. It might cost a bit extra but it’s worth every dollar you spend on it.

Install an alarm system 

As a parent, you soon learn that you can’t leave your children unattended for long, especially when they have a habit of trying to get into things they shouldn’t.


While pool covers and pool barriers are great for stopping most, it’s not always foolproof security against them falling into the pool. It’s helpful to install a pool alarm system though. Pool alarm systems are great for keeping an eye on your kids, should they somehow manage to get into the pool. 


Any sensors will be triggered by something falling into the pool and you’ll be alerted immediately.

Lock away any chemicals and cleaning products

Chemicals and cleaning products are other opportunities for your little ones to explore and get their hands on. With these types of chemicals too, they can be highly dangerous which is why you want to lock them away.


It’s worth having an outhouse of some kind so that you can lock these away. If you have a storage box outdoors, make sure this has a bolt lock on it in order to keep the little ones from getting in.

Make a shallow end available for little ones

When building a pool, try to incorporate a shallow end for your little ones if possible. That way, if they do decide to get in while you’re not looking, chances are they’re going to end up in a pool of water that’s not as deep as other parts of the pool.


Make sure that your swimming pool is child-friendly by following these helpful tips.

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