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You’re not a bad mom for wanting to move to a better property and give your family a better life. Unfortunately, kids don’t like change, and they will take it out on your as they think you’re to blame. So, what’s an already stressful process can become twice as tense.

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On paper, all you need to do is avoid arguments. In practice, it’s like attempting to defuse a bomb while the said device has an emotional meltdown brought on by teenage hormones! Okay, it’s not straightforward, yet there are ways to tackle the stress. Here are four of the best techniques when you’re moving home.

Talk About It

It doesn’t matter how old they are because they can still feel a certain type of way about leaving their home, especially if they have lived in the property for years. It’s wrong to assume that a teenager will get to grips with your decision as they might have several questions. Plus, talking about the decision-making process will help them to understand why you pulled the trigger in the first place. Hopefully, this should be enough for them to accept your motives, which could lead to more moody silences, but it’s better than an argument!

Watch Out For Your Stressors

Just because the process is stressful doesn’t mean everything about it will make you tense. There will be certain aspects that annoy you more than anything, and these are the triggers to avoid if you plan on a relatively stress-free house move. Attempting to relocate your family and your belongings is a typical stressor, which is why opting for movers is a smart move. However, you could also hate the fact that you have too much on your plate, so it’s imperative to spread the workload if you’re feeling the pressure.

Make It Fun

When your kids are younger, they might not understand the implications of moving. Weirdly, this is a benefit as it allows you to take their mind off the situation, ensuring they don’t get emotional and take it out on you. For instance, you can try and make the process fun by playing a packing game that involves them helping out and hiding in boxes at the same time. You can also tell them about how your first night you’ll sit in the front room as a family with takeout. You should do whatever you believe will make the circumstances more enjoyable.

Don’t Go Too Far

The main reason kids sound off is because they are sad and angry about leaving their life to start a new one. Of course, not all moves mean that this has to happen. They can continue their routine at the same school as their friends as long as the neighborhood isn’t too far away. This is down to you, yet it’s worth thinking about if you don’t have to relocate for work. If the house is the only issue, there are plenty within a short commute of your old one that will lessen the pain for the kids.

Finally, just hope that they are in a good enough mood that the arguments don’t last all day!

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