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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CORT. All opinions are 100% mine.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CORT. All opinions are 100% mine.

Going to college is an exciting, and sometimes stressful, time in one’s life. For the student, it means another stage of life. And for parents, it also means another stage of life. When your college student decides to live on-campus in the dorms or off-campus in an apartment; you as a parent find yourself in a unique position. Sure, you may have already budgeted and prepared for more traditional college expenses, but what about furniture? Here’s a few tips to help your college student make the most of their college living space.

Everyone and anyone who has ever gone away to college knows the value of space, or the lack thereof. There are many creative and efficient ways to create storage space in your really small college living space.

6 Ways to Make the Most of Your College Living Space

Is It a Couch, a Daybed or Both? Using your bed to double as a couch is probably the only way to go when it comes to having space for television viewing. When you are not busy sleeping in your bed and expect to have some friends over, make your bed up as usual and place some really big fluffy pillows up against the wall in numbers. Your company now has a great space for kicking off their shoes and catching a show with you. All-in-One Appliances The greatest invention ever known to college life is the invention of the micro fridge. It is a microwave and refrigerator in one combination. The microwave is attached to the refrigerator so there is no movement when in use and the fridge is underneath. Do Not Forget under the Bed In college life, every ounce of space is necessary for utilization. Under the bed is one of the greatest places to store out-of-season clothing. For example, winter sweaters, scarves, and hats can easily be stored in an under-the-bed container for when you need them.

Bulletin Boards Everywhere Each and every wall of your living space is up for grabs and bulletin boards make great places to store family photos, college notes, reminders, and even your jewelry. Wherever there is wall space, hang a cork board and be creative. You can even place one right above your pet and hang a picture of your family pet to help you sleep peacefully at night. Keep your jewelry on thumbtacks on a cork board and you will never lose it again. Shelving A college kid’s best friend has to be the use of a shelf. Shelves are easily placed anywhere and have multiple uses, from decorative to practical. Books are easily stored on shelves, and picture frames or even toiletries are found easily on them. The Ceiling Do not forget the ceiling. The ceiling is a great place to post family and friend’s photos from back home. You can even hang a net from one corner to the next with things you do not use every day, such as scarves and gloves or even just some old favorite stuffed animals.

You can keep your furniture expenses down by renting instead of buying. For example, CORT Furniture Rental

  • Ready before you arrive – CORT makes it easy for your furniture to be delivered and set up before you arrive to school
  • Furniture on-demand (there when you need it, gone when you no longer need it).
  • Less hassle
  • Get the necessities, add your style – instead of purchasing large pieces of furniture that you’ll need to get rid of at the end of the semester, let CORT provide you with foundation pieces for your bedroom, dining room and living room, and add your accessories to make your apartment your own.

Have you ever considered to rent furniture for your child’s college experience?

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