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Fun with Frankenstein- Build and Play App by Baby Lit Review

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I’m not one to fully advocate for screen time for kids, unless it’s active. Granted, Sweet B does get some passive screen time in after she’s done some non-tv/tech stuff (puzzles, coloring… and our soon to be coming: Afterschooling). And Squeaker doesn’t have much screen time at all.  See why in my Screen Time for Babies post. That being said, I’ve been in contact with BabyLit about the gift guide. The feature review will be coming (and I’m so excited about that!) but in the meantime I also had the opportunity to review the Build and Play App.

On a rainy day this week, Sweet B had a half day from school. I took this as the perfect opportunity to introduce this app to her. She wasn’t so interested in the included story time (which presents the classic Frankenstein at a more kid-friendly level), but she was interested in building Frankenstein. After showing her a little bit, as to how to put Frankenstein back together, Sweet B was on her own. She picked it up fairly easily, and soon she was changing his clothing and then ‘feeding’ him strawberries.

I also used this app to talk to her a bit about the parts of Frankenstein and also incorporated our Human Skeleton Puzzle into the impromptu lesson. To that end, I think this app would be useful in a lesson or theme unit on either anatomy or if you’re wanting to introduce a friendly option for Halloween. Or, of course, if you’re wanting to introduce a child friendly version of classic literature. You could read the story in the app, and if you feel that your child/ren are ready, also read the actual story. Then compare and contrast.

Squeaker wasn’t too interested, at first, but like her sister she also enjoyed ‘feeding’ Frankenstein.

What I really liked about the Build and Play app is that it was kid friendly and easy to navigate.

The app is available on iTunes and for Android devices via the Amazon App Store for $.99.

To complement the app, BabyLit also offers a Frankenstein Board Book for $9.99. But, by using code HAUNT30 you can save 30% on your purchase. (CODE EXPIRED)

All in all, we’re happy to add the Build and Play App to our collection and look forward to playing with Frankenstein. I’m also hopeful that BabyLit will have more fun, exciting, and educational apps to use in the future.

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Robin (Masshole Mommy)
Robin (Masshole Mommy)
9 years ago

What a fun app – and I love that there is a board book to compliment it. That makes a great pair.

Tiffany (NatureMom)
9 years ago

Looks really cute!

9 years ago

Sounds like a great app. 30% discount for the book is also very good.

Lexie Lane
9 years ago

Wow! This is a lot of fun! I will definitely check it out. I bet my son would really like using it!

9 years ago

thats pretty funny.. Usually he is pinned as a bad guy, this way we get to laugh at him!

Dawn @ Pin-n-Tell
9 years ago

Super fun….Frankenstein for Halloween 🙂 How cool!

Jillian Fisher
9 years ago

My son users kindle free time for learning games. This look cool too.

Pauline C.
Pauline C.
9 years ago

Gotta download this BabyLit app and show it to the kids tonight.

Mrs. Mashed Up
9 years ago

They have so many apps for kids these days that are super cute. Never heard of this one before. Thank you for sharing!

Yona Williams
9 years ago

I like how there is a book to complement the app, and that you get to ‘dress’ Frankenstein – that sounds like fun. Also, the app is nicely priced.

Liz Mays
9 years ago

I like your suggestion of tying it into an anatomy lesson. Edutainment at its finest.

9 years ago

Interesting. I tend to avoid screen time too, but there are always a few educational exceptions. I love the Classical Baby series and ABC, I’ll look into this as well. Thanks!

Juliana RW
9 years ago

Looks fun apps for toddler. I will check it for my youngest 😀 thanks for the info

9 years ago

This app look like so much fun. I might have to see if my son would like it.

Carly Anderson
9 years ago

This is a really cute app! My daughter would have a lot of fun with this one.