Money Management for the Millennial Mom 2

Money Management for the Millennial Mom

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This post was sponsored by Chime as part of an Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.


Technology has seemingly infiltrated every aspect of life. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

From taking notes to ordering groceries to finding money saving coupons; there’s certainly an app for almost every need. As a mom, I like to take advantage of those apps whenever possible. Don’t get me wrong, of course, I still enjoy my old fashioned pen and paper (or pencil and paper) planner system.

But when it comes to financial matters? Forget it. Numbers have never been my favorite thing and even now, as a more money conscience mom, I like to make sure that things are as simple as possible.

Banking online helps make my life easier. There’s just no doubt about it. As a work from home mom who prefers to stay at home, the convenience of being able to access my bank account online is lovely.

So, whenever I can find the opportunity to access my account or manage my money with an app, I’m all for it. And even better when that app rewards me with a little bit of money.


Chime is one of those apps that makes my life easier. Available either through the App Store or through Google Play, when you use your Chime Visa debit card; Chime rewards you.

But why try Chime?

  • No monthly fees or minimums
  • No overdraft fees
  • ATMs are fee FREE at 24,000+ locations
  • Enrolling in automatic savings gets you extra money. Every time you make a purchase, Chime round it up to the nearest dollar amount and transfers it into your savings account. Then every Friday, Chime pays you a 10% bonus on your weekly round ups.

chime shot 2

If you like using Direct Deposit, Chime can get you your money up to two days faster.

And remember this too- the more you use your Chime card, the more chances you have to earn money through round up transfers and round up bonuses.

For me, having the convenience of Chime has been great. I keep with me all the time for my everyday purchases and for special occasions like trips to the ice cream shop.

chime shot 1

I opted to connect an additional debit card to my account so I could transfer a little bit more money.

Chime has made it so easy for me to see where my money is going. And I get rewarded a little bit too when I use it. Plus, not having to worry about monthly fees, overdraft fees, or maintaining a monthly minimum balance? It’s made my overall experience with Chime stress free.

So that’s why I like using Chime to help with my money management. What do you like about it and is this something that you would try?

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