Finding The Style In Your Seating Arrangement

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When it comes to the pieces of décor in the living room that influence the overall style the most, it’s important not to miss those that might seem like a practical choice first and foremost. As the furniture tends to take up the most space, our seating also takes up a lot of our visual real estate as well and, as such, contributes a great deal to the style of the room. As such, we’re going to look at how you can play with your seating, both in your choices of seating and how you place it, to change the look of your room.

Finding The Style In Your Seating Arrangement 3

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How seating relates to space

As they tend to be the largest and bulkiest furniture in any living room, how you place your seating is going to have a lot to do with how the space of the room feels as a whole. One of the biggest impacts this can have is on how cluttered it feels and also how easy it is to move through the room. When looking at furniture arrangements, a lot of people opt to place the seats against the wall so that people have more room to move through the seating. However, this can make the more communal spaces feel more unnaturally spaced out. You can get a more convenient path through a room if you have the space to bring the seating in, preferably around a central focal point such as a coffee table. That way, people passing through the room won’t be moving through the sightlines of the people sitting down.


Choose seats that fit the space’s purpose

What kind of living room are you trying to create? The answer to this question should also dictate what kind of chairs you select. If you’re aiming for a cozy family environment, for instance, then choosing a big sofa might be perfect for the feeling of closeness and comfort. If you want a more modern space, or one that’s more suitable for socializing, however, then lounge chairs can feel more personal, offer more room, and be more diverse in style. Your décor should match the purpose of the room, overall.


How chairs affect organization and clutter

If you’re aiming to clean up your space a little and to cut some of the clutter, then your selection of chairs can help you do that, as well. One of the best ways to declutter any room, including your living room, is to be more sensible with your storage, which can include using multitasking furniture that acts as storage. There are plenty of seats that can double as storage spaces with hidden compartments and other features. As such, you can select a seat that fits the aesthetic while otherwise helping you maintain the look and feel of a more relaxed, open space.


You can get a lot more diverse and playful in your seating choices than you might have thought before. Hopefully, the tips above help you choose and arrange your seating in a way that best fits your home.

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