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Moving into a new home can feel a little strange at first. You are living in an alien environment that doesn’t yet feel like it’s yours. All the fittings and furnishings are unfamiliar, and the décor may not be exactly to your tastes.


It takes some time to make a house feel homely, and you will need to spend the coming weeks and months adding your own personality and character to your new living space. There are so many ways to achieve this, but once you are done, you and family will feel much more comfortable and relaxed at home.


To get you started, here are seven ways to turn your new house into a home.

Clear it out


The first step to creating a home is to remove anything that doesn’t spark positive feelings in you. There may be pieces of furniture, carpets, light fittings, or other items that either come with the home or were left by a previous owner that you are not a fan of. You may be living here for the foreseeable future so there is no point tolerating anything that could be easily fixed. Remove these unwanted objects and replace them with alternatives that suit your personal design preferences instead.

Inspect for pests

Depending on how long the property has been empty, you might find that critters have moved in and made themselves very much at home. While your new home is still (fairly) empty, take the time to look for any signs of pests like rats, bats, or even termites. If you do find signs that termites are invading your home, you should call a Termite Inspection and Treatment Company as soon as possible. Termites can and will damage everything in their path, so it’s wise to get the problem sorted as soon as possible.


If the pests in your home are larger, like rats or bats as mentioned earlier, you’ll want to look into humane ways of getting rid of them – again as soon as possible.

Adding a rug to your new house goes a long way in making it feel like a true home. The subtle coziness it provides can make a significant difference in how you experience and connect with your living space. It’s a straightforward yet effective way to infuse warmth and familiarity into different rooms. Opting for custom rugs for home allows you to choose designs and sizes that resonate with your personal style, adding a touch of individuality to each space. This simple and practical choice not only enhances the visual appeal of your home but also contributes to a sense of comfort and belonging, making the transition to your new abode smoother and more enjoyable.

Prioritize the kitchen


The kitchen is perhaps the most important room in any house. It’s where food is prepared, guests gather, and families congregate. If you’re only going to upgrade one area of your home, this is the one to focus on. Make sure the appliances and fittings fit the vibe you’re trying to create in your home, whether it’s a sleek modern design full of metal and glass, or a more traditional one with wood paneling and tiles. Consider a full renovation if you’re not happy with their current state. Visit a kitchen and bath remodeling showroom to help you find inspiration for your new renovation. 

Hang artwork


Every home needs something hanging on the walls, otherwise it can feel a little bland and lifeless. Artwork is one of the best ways to showcase your personality as there is so much to choose from. You could go for a classy feel with some classical paintings, or make your home feel more upbeat and vibrant with some bold modern art. Don’t feel you have to stick to the same style throughout your home either. You could use different themes to create a new mood depending on which room of the house you are in. Photography is important too, so ensure there are plenty of cherished family memories on display throughout your property.

Display your books


Nothing says more about an individual than the books they read and love. A literary collection will give your home huge character while providing a talking point for guests and telling them what kind of person you are. Bookshelves are not only a storage system, but always a design feature in themselves and there are so many great options to choose from. If you’re an avid reader and can’t bear to part with a book you’ve read, you might consider a wall-to-wall bookshelf or even a library. Whereas if you just want to display a few of your favorite novels, a small bookshelf or cabinet will suffice.

Make a reading nook


Every reader needs a place to sit and relax with a good novel and a cup of tea, so your home is not complete until you have established a reading nook. This can be anywhere in your house, whether it’s your bedroom, living room, or garden shed. The most important feature of this space is a comfortable place to sit, such as an armchair, sofa, or chaise longue. It should get plenty of natural light by which to read, as well as a lamp for night time. Consider adding other items to make it more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, such as greenery, blankets, cushions, and a side table.


A smart home device or network can help to give your home a fresh, new feel. By automating tasks such as turning on lights and adjusting the thermostat, you can free up your time for more important things. In addition, smart home devices can improve your security by giving you remote access to your home and alerting you to potential hazards. Finally, getting smart home advice from HomeTechHacker can help you enjoy your living space more than ever by making your home more efficient and convenient.

Create nice smells


Smell is one of the most powerful senses, as it can invoke memories and create a calming, welcoming atmosphere in any home. Filling your house with your favorite scents will infuse it with your character and make it a more pleasant environment to live in. There are so many ways to create beautiful smells, from baking delicious treats to strategically placed candles in different areas of the home. Make sure you take care to remove any foul odors by taking the bins out regularly and cleaning up mess each day. Open windows in summer to allow better air flow and consider air fresheners if you have any issues in this area.

Speaking of which, candles are a great addition because they also blend into the realm of art. You can get things like a stylish body candle that serves the purpose of filling your home with nice smells while also being a wonderful piece of art to decorate a room. Basically, you’re killing two birds with one stone!


Make sure you take care to remove any foul odors by taking the bins out regularly and cleaning up mess each day. Open windows in summer to allow better air flow and consider air fresheners if you have any issues in this area.

Embrace minimalism


We are all products of our environment, and if your home is full of clutter and mess then it can make you feel stressed and anxious without even realizing it. This is certainly not the mood you want your home to convey so you should take care to keep your space neat and tidy. But whenever you spend an afternoon cleaning up, it always seems to fall back into its messy state before long. One of the most effective ways to prevent this is to become a minimalist. Minimalism is the practice of living well with only the things you need. This doesn’t mean you have to throw away all your possessions and become a Buddhist monk, but you should think carefully about what you bring into your home and how you present yourself.


Start by going through your home and getting rid of anything you don’t really need. This might include old children’s toys, defunct CDs and DVDs, or clothes that haven’t fit you since the nineties. Adopt better habits such as always cleaning up straight after a meal and having a fixed place for everything you. Be vigilant about what you bring into your home and only let it through the front door if it’s absolutely necessary. Adopt smart storage solutions to keep your possessions out of sight and make your home feel more spacious and open.


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