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When you mention the word ‘drainage’ to a UK homeowner, this would have several meanings – the general drainage of the ground that the property sits on, and the network of waste pipes that remove liquid and solid waste. Both are classed as drainage, and with that in mind, here are a few potential drainage issues, along with possible solutions.

  • Ground Subsidence – This can happen at any time, although it is more likely with a new build or a very old property, and the ground shifts, it could very easily affect your drains, causing a total blockage. It might be possible to have the damaged pipes relined without having to excavate, which is something a specialist drainage firm could handle. The worst-case scenario would mean excavating to remove the destroyed piping, then replacing it with new sections, and the cost would depend on the extent of the work.
  • Blocked Drains – One of the homeowner’s biggest fears, blocked drains are no fun at all, and could cause some serious damage if not addressed promptly. Fortunately, there is a leading UK company that offers blocked drains solutions, and they cover every region of the UK. You should resist the temptation to unblock the drain yourself, as this can make things worse. Besides, finding the blockage is a very difficult thing to do, and the expert has a range of tools to help him identify blockages.

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  • Underground Water Leak – A small leak might go unnoticed for years, as the water loss is minimal, but a big leak would result in waterlogged areas of the garden, plus a hefty rise in water usage. If not immediately addressed, this could cause damage to the foundations of your home, so you are advised to call in a drainage expert as soon as possible, to determine the extent of the damage and come up with a fix.
  • Water in the Garden – If you have pools of water laying about after heavy rain, you likely have poor natural drainage. If the soil is mainly clay-based, it is likely that the rainwater cannot penetrate a thick layer of clay, causing it to stay on the surface. The only way to deal with this is to call in a drainage specialist who would dig up the area and install some drainage, which might be in the form of pipes, or possibly a layer of shingle. There are articles available online on how to achieve better garden drainage, which are recommended readings.

Drainage can be a complex issue, and if the ground does not have excessive amounts of clay and you experience drainage issues, this might be due to ground movement. Whatever else you do, call in an expert, who can quickly get to the bottom of the problem and recommend a solution. If your drains are blocked, this is a job for a specialist firm, and there is one company that covers the entire UK mainland, and they can easily be contacted through a Google search. They use CCTV technology to get a close-up view of the inside of the drains, which really helps with diagnosis.

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