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In any industry, one must refrain from sensationalist language. One must keep one’s cool and wait until you have all the facts before you claim anything. Most of all, when you are sensing great change within an industry, it’s wise to step back, observe and be calm. Only when you see a torrent of change occurring, from across the world, should say the following words. There is a revolution afoot. The r-word is extremely powerful. In the interior design world, it’s the only accurate word that can be used to describe what’s going on. The styles that wore the crowns of the interior design world are being toppled one by one. Minimalism, industrial, neutral, postmodern and millennium, are falling by the wayside one after the other. And here are the styles taking over their kingdoms.

Bold block colors

Neutrals have ruled the realm for 10 years. Now it’s time for the eclectic style to retake the home. Bold colors, i.e. colors that are vivid examples of one color’s spectrum. If you want to paint the walls blue, you skip baby blue and you go straight for royal blue. If you want a green sofa, you skip lime green and go straight for emerald green instead. If you would like your living room rug to be orange, you skip tangerine and go straight for the tiger. And when you do, you implement them as boldly as possible. Don’t dab the color here and there, you bathe the particular part of your home, with that color. Don’t worry about matching colors either, as the bold blocky color style is a branch of the eclectic style. You’re trying to add as much vivid vibrancy into your home, as openly and confidently as you can. Consider a green plant with a white plant pot. If you want a tan leather chair, get a blue velvet Ottoman for it. The colors don’t have to compliment each other, just stand confidently by themselves. 

A lighter sustainable 

Eco-friendly decor designs are going to be taking over the home this year. You will start to see more and more recycled wood and plant material such as wicker and rattan being used throughout the home. For your bedroom, consider a wicker weave headrest, instead of a steel frame. For your bedroom, instead of supporting textiles companies that produce faux wool, invest in real wool. This sustainable material is excellent for bathmats, as it can absorb 30% of its weight in water and sweat, which will keep your floor dry. In terms of the style for each item, make sure it’s completely natural. Do not accept any items that use chemical-based colors. This does mean you will be left with naturally white and or beige wool and wood that isn’t varnished. Your home will possess a lighter tone, but it will also be lighter in weight. Natural materials last longer than most processed materials if you know how to take care of them. 

A healthy dose of curves

Rigidity and quite frankly, a lack of imagination had a vice grip on the interior design world. Maximizing space was the overall goal. So you saw straight lines and sleek designs for sofas. Cabinets, drawers and coffee tables, were, for the most part, made for maximum surface area. Sharp right angles and flat surfaces from top to bottom. The dining table may have become much more celebrated, by being made out of a single sheet of tempered glass; but it too remained too square. Curves are coming back with a vengeance. Firstly, the sofa is being allowed to relax and become more sumptuous. A fabric sofa is naturally more curvaceous. 

Soft curves are the order of the day. Cabinets and cupboards should have swooping curves that round off the edges and give them more of a flow. Sofa pillows should give you cozy curves that flow outward, giving the appearance of larger softer filling. What all this does, gives you an atmosphere of protection, relaxation, and lines circular lines that give your home more bounce and shape. A circular coffee table is a great way to begin this revolution. It’s small, doesn’t attract too much attention, but it’s a symbol for the rest of the room’s style. 

Old and new can coexist

What the boxy modern shapes and straight lines tried to do, other than providing more space was to make intricate designs a thing of the past. This was supposed to be a more sophisticated approach to the home. However, we’re witnessing something special. The traditional style is being welcomed out of the cold damp street and back into the home. However, that doesn’t mean it’s being allowed to take over. New and old styles can coexist, but it’s not easy to get right.

The kitchen is a prime example, for where you want some things a bit old and homely, and items of a newer perspective. Take a look at this particular kitchen interior design company and their approach. They feel comfortable in using block shelves of a farmhouse nature with modern metal dome plant pots. They utilize white wooden cabinets, alongside steel extractor fans and refrigerators. Their experience tells you all you need to know, but their approach to your home is very interesting. They’ll go around the kitchen with you and give you their style recommendations. Select patterns, colors, materials but they will inform you of the modern shapes and styles of backsplash, cabinets, islands, countertops, and drawers. 

More natural light

There’s natural light from the sun and, then there’s natural light from candles. The open flame is making a return to the home and a long-awaited hiatus. LED lamps are great for reading nooks, but candles are just as great. In fact, many LED lamps try to copy the flicker of a candle flame but the real thing is simply irreplaceable. 

A whirlwind of new and replacement styles is forming. It’s a great time to be alive and witness a massive shift in the interior design world. It’s time to become part of this revolution, start off by implementing bold block colors and be confident with your vibrant rooms. 


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