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As we are continuing to develop our homeschool program, I’m looking for ways to mix things up and keep things interesting. One way that we’re doing this, is by using a mix of online and offline learning materials. We were so excited to find out that Reading Eggs now has workbooks!

This post is sponsored by Reading Eggs. I was given workbooks to try with my family and was compensated for my time. All thoughts and opinions are my own, and I wasn’t required to give a positive review. Please see my full disclosure for details.

Easy Ways to Engage the Early Learner at Home

My daughter, I’m finding out, learns in several ways. Some things she picks up hands-on, some are better with repetition, and somethings she picks up better with a mixture of both.

Other things, like language arts and math; we have come to use a mixture of online and offline learning materials.

One of her favorite things to use is the Reading Eggs App as she likes having this independent time to learn. However, once we found out that Reading Eggs was also releasing a set of printed workbooks, I knew that it would be something else to explore and add in to our homeschool.

One of the reasons we wanted to homeschool in the first place, is because we our daughter is ranging higher than her age. On any given day, we cover something for kindergarten, first grade, second grade, or even going as high as third grade.

With Reading Eggs, in particular, she had tested into the 6 1/2 age level for reading and the 6 age level for math. But, I also knew that doing some of the kindergarten work would also be useful.

Easy Ways to Engage the Early Learner with Reading Eggs Workbooks

Whether she’s using the workbook for review or if she’s using it for formal lessons, we love having the workbook as a part of our homeschool day. She can go between the grade levels as she wants to during any given session.

She also appreciates having the tests in hard copy format as sometimes the app or online version can be touchy for her.

Why We Love the Reading Eggs Workbooks for Homeschooling

The lessons build on each other, just as you would expect from the Reading Eggs app. The workbooks add on to what you do with the app but I would say, you really don’t need the app to use the workbooks.

The workbooks are bright, and fun. My daughter asks to use them vs. me having to prod her to use them.

She goes through the lessons easily vs. me having to guide her through every single step.

She’s proud of the progress that she’s making and the progress that she can see.

How to Purchase

You can find the workbooks for both Reading and Math here.

Use the discount code WK10F1H39VT for 10% off! Code expires October 15th, 2018

Get 4 Weeks Free of the Reading Eggs and Mathseeds program! Offer expires October 17, 2018.

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