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We have been on the fence about which skill is more important: learning cursive or learning to type. Ultimately, however, for our family they’re both equally important. And as a work at home & homeschooling mom, my daughter often sees me using a keyboard. She’s watched in fascination as I type without looking at my hands. And she’s asked me, quite often, how I can do that. Sometimes, it really is just second nature for me and I’m grateful that my own mom insisted so many years ago. Now, with my youngest being homeschooled, we wanted to look at options for how to teach typing skills. And one of the ways that we were able to do that? With Typesy.

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Homeschool Typing Program for All Ages

With Typsey Homeschool Edition as a part of our homeschool curriculum, my youngest can now learn keyboarding skills that will prepare her for just about anything. We enjoy using the computer for our lessons and typsey requires for us to do that.

Granted, with my keyboard, some of the keys were worn and my daughter expressed this frustration to me.

However, with Typsey, it isn’t just about learning the placement of the home keys but also learning where the fingers are placed.

And once she was familiar with where her fingers needed to be for this beginning lesson, we were set. 

She was able to use my keyboard, with it’s faded keys, to follow along with her lesson.

A Typing Program for Homeschoolers 

With Typesy Homeschool Edition, we are able to work at our own pace and to make the lessons a part of her electives. She can then build on other subject areas after she’s done with Typsey. We started with their recommended goals and then we went from there.

Because she was just starting out, I knew it would be in her best interest to just start with the basics.

And once she practiced a few times with her finger placement, she wanted to explore more of what Typesy had to offer.

Granted, for her first lesson, it didn’t go quite as well as she would have liked. But, I had to gently remind her that it was her first time using the program and that she would improve with practice.

Speaking of improving?

What I really enjoyed about this, is with our homeschool account, I could enroll myself in a class as well. I can also enroll her autistic sister who uses the computer for afterschooling lessons. 

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