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We are all about easy craft ideas! I personally love toilet paper roll crafts because it’s usually less money out. We can also get pretty creative and the sky is really the limit. We also have a love for paper plate crafts and we are so excited to share this Olaf paper plate craft with you!

But why crafts?

Well, I’ll get into that a little bit later because I’m sure you’re here for the craft… not the story or benefits that go along with it.

Supplies needed for the Olaf paper plate craft

Your complete supply list includes:

  • White paper plate
  • Purple Craft Paint
  • White Craft Paint
  • Yellow Craft Paint
  • Glitter Glue
  • White Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Paintbrush

You will also need this Olaf printable pattern

Olaf Paper Plate Craft Instructions

After printing the pattern, paint Olaf in whatever way you’d like. Yes, we acknowledge that he is a snowman and maybe he doesn’t need to be painted. But, if you remember in his song? He did talk about snow being chartreuse (but not yellow!)

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Once Olaf is painted, let him fully dry and on another piece of paper, you’re going to paint two scenes. 

On one half, have some pretty snowflakes falling and on the other half, paint a nice sunny sky.

While the paint is drying, paint a frame on the paper plate around the outer edge with purple. And then use the glitter glue to make a second frame inside the first. On the inside of the paper plate, you want your sky.

Allow to dry and now it’s time to cut some stuff out. Start with Olaf and then cut out the painted scenes of the sky and snowflakes. You’ll want those to be about 4 inches wide each.

After making sure that your paper plate is fully dry, fold over horizontally (but do not crease) and cut a wide slot about 4 1/2 inches wide.

Fold the paper plate again across the middle (but do not crease) and cut another slot about 4 1/2 inches wide so you now have two that are parallel.

Slide your two painted scenes (face-up) through the two slots and with the glue stick, affix the two ends of the painted scenes to each other.

Turn the paper plate back over and with the glue stick, affix Olaf to the front of the paper plate on the bottom side of the lower slot. You’ll want the majority of his body overlapping the slot. But, DO NOT glue just above the slot. Only on the bottom.

Olaf can now sing about what snow does in summer without the fear of melting because you can quickly change it back to snow.

Benefits of Paper Plate Crafts

Not just for the cuteness, we love making paper plate crafts because of all of the fine motor skills that are involved. It’s a great way to work on fine motor skills without making it seem like too much work.

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