Ultimate Olaf Gift Guide

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I have a confession- I love Olaf. Yes, Olaf the Snowman from Frozen. Squeaker is a fan too, though we try not to watch the full movie often. Mostly we just look on YouTube for Olaf clips. She does have a few Olaf toys so I thought- why not create an ultimate Olaf gift guide? I’m also going to include a few free resources in here because everyone loves free, right? This gift guide includes suggestions for adults too, but is mostly geared towards kids… or kids at heart, like myself.

Have an Olaf fan in your house? Check out our ultimate Olaf gift guide!

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Olaf Book Gift Ideas

* A Day In The Sun 

* Olaf’s 1,2,3

* Hello Olaf

* Melt My Heart: Share Hugs with Olaf

* An Amazing Snowman

* Summer Bliss Boardbook

* Olaf’s Perfect Day

* Hide and Hug Olaf

* Big Snowman, Little Snowman

* Olaf and His Friends

* My Friend Olaf

* Olaf’s Night Before Christmas

Olaf Toys and Games

* Olaf Pull Apart Talking Plush

* Olaf Tea Set

* Olaf Talking and Singing Plush

* Funko Olaf Figure

* Olaf’s In Trouble Board Game

* Olaf Hula Figure

* Funko Olaf Summer Figure

* Olaf Hideaway Plush

Olaf For the House and Home

* Olaf Cuddle Pillow (22 inches)

As you can see, Squeaker loves her Olaf pillow. She prefers to carry him around during the day.


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* Olaf Wall Decals

* Olaf Snow Cone Maker

* Olaf Pillow and Throw Set

* Olaf – I Like Warm Hugs Tshirt

* Olaf Comforter

* Olaf Plate, Bowl, and Tumbler set

* Olaf Cookie Pops Kit

* Olaf Fork and Spoon set

* Olaf Pillow Pet

* Olaf Duck Tape – there’s a duck tape for almost anything!

* Olaf Waffle Maker

* Olaf Beach Towel

* Olaf Super Plush Throw

* Olaf Plush Backpack

* Olaf Reusable Shopping Bag

* Olaf Poster

* Olaf Pop Up Hamper

* Olaf Sleeping Bag

* Olaf Keychain

* Tin Olaf Lunchbox

* Olaf Hoodie Hat

And here are those free resources, courtesy of Disney.com:

* Olaf craft (printable)

* Olaf Summer Sticker Spree

* Olaf’s Free Fall

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