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Working from home is a fantastic way for busy mothers to ensure they are there for all of their kids’ big moments while still ensuring you have enough money coming in to help support you and your partner. But while it’s great to not worry about sitting in traffic or deal with endless meetings where time stands still, it’s not always easy to stay motivated at your home office. 

You need to create the perfect environment that encourages productivity, and it’s more than just having a cup of coffee to get motivated and inspired. 

4 tips for creating a productive environment to work from home

Develop A Routine

When you need to head to the office every day, you get into a routine. You wake up, you shower, have breakfast, and maybe squeeze in a run if you’ve not slept through your first four alarms. The same should apply when you work from home. 

It’s too easy to be informal when working from home. You don’t need to sit at your desk in a pantsuit or even do your whole makeup routine, but wearing professional clothes will make you feel more like you are at work and once you finish for the day, you can get changed into something more comfortable and put your feet up. 

Create An Effective Space

Whether you find a fantastic desk with multiple drawers or fill your home office with modern condo furniture to give it a more professional feel, you can create a useful work space that will help boost your productivity. You can also work to eliminate distractions by keeping the work area a place that prevents you from losing focus at crucial moments. 

This includes keeping books or your phone out of sight, even if that means investing in a cheap work phone that you use only for your business (no Facebook, please). You should also make sure to work only in your dedicated office so your brain associates productivity with the home office. Do not work in your bedroom, living room, or anywhere else you consider social areas, as these will be too full of distractions also, which will affect your concentration. 

Take Regular Breaks

While it’s important to eliminate distractions, it’s also essential to not work for hours at a time without giving yourself a break. Unlike a regular office, you can take these breaks whenever you like, but the recommended time between is 25 minutes. This can help boost your productivity and enhance mental agility, and if you’re, you can time yourself if you need to. 

You should also make sure that you don’t spend all day inside, even if it just means going out for a quick 10-minute walk around the neighborhood. You can also take this opportunity to run errands, just as long as you don’t spend too long outside and get caught up with other commitments. 

An Office Just For You

While it can be a challenge to find the productivity you need to work from home effectively, managing to create the right environment will help you smash your work and still have time to do everything else you need to. 

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Kori is a late diagnosed autistic/ADHD mom. She is currently located in Albany, NY where she is raising a neurodiverse family. Her older daughter is non-speaking autistic (and also has ADHD and Anxiety) and her youngest daughter is HSP/Gifted. A blogger, podcaster, writer, product creator, and coach; Kori shares autism family life- the highs, lows, messy, and real. Kori brings her own life experiences as an autistic woman combined with her adventures in momming to bring you the day-to-day of her life at home. Kori is on a mission to empower moms of autistic children to make informed parenting decisions with confidence and conviction.

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