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We live not too far from an Emack and Bolio and they have become one of my favorite places to go for ice cream. But, whenever we do go there, I don’t end up ordering ice cream. Instead, I get this delicious creation called a Liquid Yoga. It starts with Chai and includes frozen vanilla yogurt, and a banana. But my problem? Twofold. I don’t want to walk there to get it and I don’t want to pay $5.50 to drink it. So, I decided to make my own copycat liquid yoga recipe and see if I could recreate this deliciousness at home.

Easy enough, right? This delicious smoothie has now become a go-to for a quick breakfast or afternoon pick me up.

Need a quick breakfast or afternoon pick me up? Try this copycat liquid yoga recipe.

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Looks pretty good, huh?

And it’s only three ingredients! … Four if you count the cinnamon.


Try this delicious copycat liquid yoga recipe with only three ingredients!

This post makes use of affiliate links

Here’s how you make it:

In a blender of your choice, I used my Magic Bullet, but you could use any blender, follow these directions:

Step 1: Add 1/4 cup of vanilla yogurt

Step 2: Add 1 banana (I cut mine into pieces just to make it easier to mix)

Step 3: Top with Chai tea concentrate of choice

Step 4: Sprinkle in some cinnamon

Step 5: Blend

Step 6: Enjoy!

While it’s not quite the same as the one from Emack and Bolio, I’m very pleased with the result. And even more so that I don’t have to pay $5.50 every time I want a Liquid Yoga. In fact, for roughly the same price of the Chai tea concentrate, I was able to create this at home.

And I’m all for saving a little money, even if I do miss out on the exercise. This copycat liquid yoga recipe certainly hit the spot for me. Either as a quick on the go breakfast or enjoyed as an afternoon pick me up, this smoothie recipe is a new favorite of mine.

Have you made your own copycat recipes?

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