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It can be tough on everyone concerned when an elderly relative is no longer able to take care of themselves anymore. It may seem like the natural solution to invite them to come and live with you, and you may believe that you can provide a greater level of care than they will be able to receive elsewhere. 

Providing a home for an elderly relative can be a very positive experience for them and for you. They will feel close to people that they know, and they can enjoy the company of you and any family that may live at home with you. This can help them to feel less isolated, and more attached to you and your family. 

There are, of course, many practical considerations that you will need to explore before you commit to this major, life-changing decision. 

Can You Provide The Right Level Of Care And Support?

If your elderly relative has considerable mobility issues, do you or someone else always need to be on hand to help them to get around the house? Will you need to help to wash, dress, and feed them? Or, if they do not require this level of care and support right now, is it something that they are likely to need in the near future? 

It is important to consider whether you are at home enough, and are physically able to provide the type of support your loved one needs right now, and will need months or years from now. 

Is Your Home Ready For Your Loved Ones To Move In?

Before you commit to bringing your loved one into your home, think about how well equipped you and your home are for helping them with their needs. Think about practicalities such as chair lifts, handrails throughout your home and easy access for bathroom facilities. 

There are many other things that you will be able to do to help make your loved one’s life easier. You could find velcro shoes for elderly, large TV remotes, assistive grips for opening jars, and lots more.

What Happens When You Go On Holiday?

There are practicalities such as what you would do when you need to go away for a holiday, or what you might do if you are ill. Would you be able to take your elderly relative with you when you go away? Would they need to go to stay in a respite care home? Or could you get another family member to take care of them either in your home or at their home?


The decision over the future home of your elderly loved ones is an important one that needs to be fully considered. On the one hand, having them close to you may seem like a good thing, however, you need to be honest and realistic with the level of support and care you are able to offer. You need to be fair to your loved one and ensure you do what is best for them. 

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