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 The bathroom is undoubtedly one of the most important rooms in the family home. It is used several times throughout the day by each member of the family. As such, it’s imperative that your interior design choices are made to bring comfort for everyone. 

Bathroom sizes, as well as the other features like whether you have facilities like an en suite, will impact your possibilities. Nonetheless, focusing on the following features will help you find the perfect design for your modern bathroom. 


The bathroom is, alongside the kitchen, one of the most fittings-heavy spaces in the whole property. Bathtubs, shower units, toilets, sinks, water tanks, and bidets are all commonly found in this room. Their function will have a telling impact on your feelings towards the home. As such, you must ensure that practical selections are made. 

If you have an elderly parent living with you, or someone with limited mobility, accessible bathtubs are key. Alternatively, you could fit a folding bench into the shower unit for similar reasons. When you have young children, you may also wish to consider removing the bidet or any other unnecessary potential hazard. 

Practicality shouldn’t be limited to function. The financial aspects of running the home should be factored in too. Opting for a water-saving toilet can cut waste by over 75%. When supported by simple issues like LED lighting, the monetary outcomes will leave you smiling. 


Brighter Vibes 

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Bathrooms are usually among the smaller rooms within the property. When combined with the volume of fittings, the need to make the space work harder is essential. You can trick the eyes with a few simple interior design tricks. The key concept is to make the room look brighter as this will give the room a larger appearance. 

Choosing light color schemes should be top of the agenda as this will reflect the light. You can do this via the use of white fittings, light colored wood or laminate flooring, and lighter paint or wall tile. Strategically placed mirrors are another key feature that can create the desired appeal. Dressing the windows to embrace sunlight also helps. 

Once again, the right choice of LED lighting fixtures can support the overall aesthetic. Houseplants, either plastic or real, are a good option too. Although it should be noted that the humidity of the bathroom means you must take care regarding real plant choices. 

Relaxation Opportunities 

When helping your kids get ready for school or bed, practicality is the only issue on your mind. But you must not forget your personal demands of the bathroom. As a parent, there are times where you’ll simply wish to lock yourself away from the world and enjoy a few moments of peace. Let your bathroom facilitate this. 

This is another reason to opt for natural appearances such as wood or stone effects. Simple accessories can take the enjoyment to a whole new level, though. A few scented candles, a waterproof speaker, and the right choice of bathing essentials will work wonders. The room can become your mini spa retreat. 

Another option is to upgrade the bathtub with Jacuzzi jets. Similarly, a jet setting on the shower will give you an extra source of relaxation. After a long day of work or parenting, this is something that truly makes the house a home. 

Safety & Reliability 

As a parent, childproofing the house is a key responsibility that should extend to every room. The right habits such as shutting the toilet lid or keeping the door shut put strong foundations in place. Still, you should also pay attention to your choice of facilities. You need reliable and robust products that can withstand heavy child hands. 

This is why ideas like floating vanities can work wonders. Aside from the beauty, the fact they are securely incorporated into the bathroom walls will prevent kids from pulling them over. Embedding the toilet into the wall can have a similarly positive influence. It’ll also prevent the overcrowded vibe that could inject a negative vibe. 

Building a safe and reliable bathroom is important for many reasons. It protects your children and prevents the expense of replacing broken items prematurely. Crucially, it establishes a mental reassurance like no other. 


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The family bathroom is home to a lot of daily essential items too. There’s an array of cleaning materials to consider for bathing and brushing your teeth. Furthermore, toilet rolls, towels, shaving equipment, bath toys, and a host of other items may need to be stored in this part of the home too. You cannot afford to overlook it. 

Investing in a solid bathroom organization strategy will work wonders. It should ensure that all items have their place within the room, making it easier for everyone. A storage facility for replenishing stock should be utilized if possible too. When your storage is under control, cleaning the room is easier too. 

A good sense of control can support the comfort levels throughout the room. It’ll also boost the safety features to truly take your love of the bathroom to a new level. As a parent and homeowner, this signals great success. 


Last but not least, you must ensure that the bathroom is tailored to your personal tastes. It’s not a room that will boast as much personality as the living room or bedroom. Nonetheless, a few simple design quirks and sentimental items can work wonders for creating the comforting vibe you want. It makes the home truly feel like yours. 

Opting for a theme can transform the room. If choosing a nautical theme, for example, you can add an ornament or two while picking a suitable shower curtain. Hanging a frame with a related picture or a motivational phrase can aid the process. The possibilities are virtually endless, and the rewards are vast. 

It’s easy to fall into the trap of emulating the nearest bathroom showroom, but this is a part of your home. Embrace this sense with the simple alterations that generate a sense of belonging, and it’ll become one of your favorite rooms. 

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