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Designing your home is already a challenge in itself. But caring for a child with autism is ten times more challenging. Studies show that about one in six children have a developmental ability, so finding a safe and friendly home for your child is something most households have to consider. Although there isn’t a strict or particular design to follow, designing a space where your autistic child can thrive requires having an excellent and fully-fleshed out strategy. Here are some great ideas to create a home you love, and your autistic child feels comfortable living in. 

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  • Include exciting furniture


When decorating a home while living with an autistic child, it’s always wise to go with something simple to help them calm down when they get overstimulated or too excited. However, just because simple is good doesn’t mean your furniture must be boring. Fun pieces like swings or intricately-designed wooden dining tables from brands like Created Hardwood are some good examples to include in your home. 


It would also be much better to stick to heavy drapes to help reduce noise and distractions from outside, encouraging your child to concentrate on their activities. Knowing which colors to use can also go a long way in helping your little one stay calm. Neutrals and blues are good examples. Be sure to include other autism-friendly pieces like beanbags and climbing mats. 

  • Give your child’s bedroom a facelift


If you are in the autism community or raising an autistic person, you know how insomnia has recently become a hot topic. How your child sleeps depends on a wide range of environmental factors including the distractions in their space. 


You can ensure they sleep better by giving their bedroom a facelift. You can clear out toys they no longer need, use blackout curtains, paint their walls with soothing colors, add more elements of nature, and ensure that they understand the purpose of the bedroom, which is for sleeping. 

  • Create a sensory garden


It’s great for children with autism to spend ample time outdoors. You can help them develop an interest in nature and find a new hobby by building them a garden. They will learn better in an environment they feel comfortable in. Plus, there are numerous benefits of gardening. 


Not only will it allow your little ones to connect with nature and understand how things work, but they can also see how much more the world has to offer. Additionally, you can create fun gardening activities and challenges that would certainly amuse them and create special bonding moments that they will cherish forever. 


You don’t need to worry when you’re designing a home that is autistic-friendly and inclusive. There is a lot of information and resources available to help you find that inspiration. You can also include your child in decision-making and considering their specific needs so they appreciate their environment more. At the end of the day, you would also have a home that you love. 

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