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Undertaking major renovations on your home can be a costly and lengthy process. There is no denying that when the work is done right, it can drastically improve your quality of living and the value of your home.

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However, not all renovations are the same, and some work you can do won’t add value and will be for your pleasure only, which is perfectly fine if you aren’t planning on moving anytime soon. But if you are considering selling your home in the future, it pays to be picky about what work you do, take on with a view for maximizing the sale price of your home.


A roof in good repair can be worth the cost if it needs replacing. The thing with a damaged roof is, the problems it can cause can be widespread the longer you leave getting any repair work done. If you are looking at doing any other home renovations, then checking your roof is in good condition before you start anything will make sure your efforts aren’t ruined by leaks or damage from missing tiles or holes from your roof. Enlist a residential roofer to check the condition of your roof and check out your options if it does need work.


The kitchen is the heart of the home, and as such, you can expect a kitchen remodel to give you around a 91% ROI. Modern trends lean towards open-plan kitchens that flow easily from the rest of the house and, if possible, can create the ideal entertaining space when opened up to the garden area. Choose integrated appliances, a functional kitchen island and removing any walls or cabinets that restrict the flow.


Landscaping can yield a maximum of 100% ROI with a decked area increasing potentially a 90% ROI. Buyers look for homes that are stylish on the inside and well thought out in any outside space. Creating an attractive garden with decking, manicured or artificial lawns completed to a high spec will attract buyers who will see that they have a great outside space that compliments the home.


Replacing an old and tired bathroom is always a great investment. Families looking for their forever home will consider their bathroom a priority part of the home and will be looking to see how well it is configured and how it will work for their families. Popular trends include walk-in showers with partial glass screens and roll-top baths. A class white suite will always be popular as storage and tiled walls and floors that are stylish and practical.


A basement remodels an attractive addition to any home. Not all houses have basements, but if you do, using the space beneath your home will not only help you increase the sale value of your home but open up more space for you and your family. Choose to make it a functional utility room, self-contained apartment with kitchenette and bathroom facilities, and a bright living space. The possibilities are endless but putting the work into your basement provides a secure, well lit, damp-proof space ideal for a teenage bedroom, man cave, or even something more extravagant like an at-home cinema or gym.

Curb Appeal

Any work you do needs to ensure you are increasing the curb appeal of your home. The first impression buyers will get from your home is when they arrive outside. You can have the most stunning interiors, but if your expertise tells a different story, then all of your hard work and investment will be for nothing.

Take a step back and have a good assessment of how your home looks to passers-by. Consider the exterior walls of your home, windows, door, garages if you have any, gardens, walls, gates, patios etc. All of this culminates in a first impression and if the first impression isn’t a good one, look at what you can fix or change to make a good first impression not only for buyers but for anyone who visits your home.

When making any major and permanent changes to your home, always consider how well it will be received if you plan to put the house back on the market. While it is good to put your own stamp on your home, opt for classic fixtures and fittings that will appeal to a broader market to entice buyers for a quick sale and maximum value. Furnishings can always be changed by new owners, interior design isn’t always possible and if you’re aiming for the best price possible, you want to appeal to a wider range of buyers.

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