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9 Awesome TP Roll Crafts

Hello! I am so pleased to be visiting today to share some of our favourite crafts. I’m always on the look-out for simple, easy kids crafts ! We particularly enjoy toilet paper toll crafts as they are inexpensive, easy to come by and surprisingly versatile!! Not only can I cut down on my waste by recycling some everyday essential items, but they make the cutest creations. I also love seeing the independent and self-confident nature surge forth when the crafting is easy enough for me to turn my little artists loose.

Below are some of my favorite ideas for you to try with your little artist.

  1. Your child will enjoy dancing, wiggling and jamming out with these adorable Dancing Giraffes. The marionette style will allow them to hold their creation and pull out all the stops while jamming out to their favorite songs!
  2. There is never enough time in the day. But now, thanks to the simplest Watch craft, you can create all the time you want! You get to create fun dress up items AND you can teach about telling time. Awesome, right? So tick-tock, time is getting away. Go create this super easy and fun project.
  3. What little one hasn’t grown up wishing to be a prince or princess? Or at least having a royal birthday party? Encourage your little party-goers to create their own Crowns for Prince & Princesses or forego the party and make crowns with your little prince or princess at home. Either way, you will have a “ball”.
  4. The TP Roll Snake is a simple, fun, and engaging way to spend some time with your little one. They can paint, glitter, color, or otherwise decorate their snake to create millions of variations of this craft. Create a whole pit of snakes with your little snake charmer.
  5. What do you get with a toilet roll, googly-eyes, part of a sock, and buttons? A Toilet roll snowman of course! This adorable craft is perfect for making in the middle of winter or for satisfying the mid-summer “It’s too hot, I wish it would snow” craving that comes around. (Okay, maybe that’s just me).
  6. Don’t let the size of the TP Roll Mini Beasts fool you, they will be HUGE hit with your “little beast tamer”. The fun is endless and so are the possibilities while assembling these little beasts.
  7. There is nothing better than having something tangible to play with during story time. The TP Roll Little Red Riding Hood playset is a perfect addition to an already classic story and is sure to enhance story time.
  8. These super cute Mini Easter baskets are as much fun to create as they are to display. Your child will have fun creating Easter chicks, rabbits, or a fun flower pattern. Their inner creativity will shine because the sky is the limit on these simple and fun creations.
  9. Nothing screams Easter like a Cute Chick project. Gather up the googly-eyes, colorful feathers and paint and let the little ones go nuts! Have fun working on this with your little one or let them express their inner artist going solo. No matter your approach it’s guaranteed to be a fun time.

I do hope you enjoyed these awesome toilet paper roll crafts and that you will chose at least one to try with your own little artist!! Thank you for having me, I am looking forward to seeing you over on Red Ted Art very soon!

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