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Interior design is something we can use to a variety of ends. Whether you’re someone who wants to make a small space look bigger, or a bigger space look more warm and cozy, there is a lot a good interior design scheme will do for you. 

Seeing as a lot of people hate having to clean their homes on a regular basis, we should be thankful that interior design can work for you there too! If you’re someone who hates having to run the vacuum around every day, and you’re forever tidying up the kitchen because it always looks like a bomb’s hit it, here are some good interior design tips that might just prove helpful. 

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Use Covers on Upholstery

Your sofa and armchairs, as well as your stools and dining chairs, all need to be kept covered, both in use and out of it. Because it’s going to be hard to wipe stains off of fabrics without leaving a mark, especially if you’ve paid a lot for the furniture in question!

And if you’ve got pets and kids around the house, spills are very likely. Save your upholstery for another day by investing in washable covers that are practical and beautiful. 

Get Rid of the Carpets

The carpet really does harbour all kinds of dirt and bacteria, as well as biting bugs such as dust mites and fleas (especially if you’ve got a pet in the house), and that’s something we need to work on! And in your home, if you’re always running the vacuum around your rooms but you’re still not sure if anything’s changed, it might be time to do away with the carpets altogether. 

Indeed, it’s far better to have lino or wooden floors underneath you, and you’ll be spoiled for choice here! After all, there are many types of wood floors, so if you’re worried about dealing with dark oak planks that’ll ruin your interior style, why not pick something lighter and shinier? 

Use Dark Tones for the Details

The darker the details in your rooms, the less you’ll see the dirt around your home. And while you may think this is another issue; the dirt is still there, after all, it certainly won’t ruin the appeal of your home when the slightest specks of dust build up. Not to mention these areas will be much easier to clean as darker tones don’t stain anywhere near as easily!

So, for example, get your grouting around your tiles done in a darker color; grey or black work quite well. Similarly, paint your skirting boards darker, or the same tone as the paint on the walls. Just focus on the details, and paint them anything but white! 

Interior design has a lot of tricks up its sleeve to both alleviate and hide the amount of dirt around your home. Make sure you keep the above ideas in mind if you’re going to redecorate and want your home to look fresher than ever before. 

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