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If you’re looking for a new hobby but don’t feel like getting too creative, then you might be interested in collecting.


It might be cups of tiny chips in it; you might prefer to pick up pennies off the floor; there are many different things to collect. You can look out for the rare versions of some items or opt for things that have only been handmade.


Photo by Karen Vardazaryan on Unsplash


Of course, if you’re looking for the rare option, they can be a little bit harder to find, but that is part of the fun.



Figurines are beautiful and a great thing to collect because you can display them throughout your home.


Many people choose to collect things like glass animals or even little piglets. If you’re looking for something cool and a bit retro, Hallmark ornaments might be right up your street.


Of course, when you’re looking for retro things, there is a high possibility that you will find unique one-offs, and of course, a treasure is still in its box.



Firstly there are Coins From every continent across the world, and there are reprintings, misprints, and banknotes that are no longer in circulation. Almost all money has some history to it. 


If this one is fascinating to you, it might be worth expanding your knowledge outside of just collecting. Check for museums and art galleries that have rare or historic coins in.



Stamps go back for hundreds of years, and for every new year, there is usually a new design.


As well as some specially designed ones that might be different in size, or cost, or value. You might like to start with some modern stamps available and then move back through the years until you have a completed stamp collection. 


However, the chances are very high that you’ll need to search far and wide for some particular stamps. And don’t be surprised to learn some stamps go for a lot of cash.




Rock polishing has seen an incredible rise in popularity in the last few years. Small rock polishing machines will carefully take the rocks you have found and tandem them into shiny, beautiful little items. 


You could also decide to collect things like rocks with fossils inside, volcanic rock, meteoric rock, or simply beautiful crystals.


The nice things about collecting rocks and crystals are that the larger ones can be used for decoration around the house, and a collection of all of the same color or rainbow colors can look quite beautiful.




If you’ve been traveling, the chances are you might have picked up a postcard or two; however, you can start collecting postcards and create a postcard gallery in your home. 


Everywhere you go, pick up a postcard from that location and ask friends and family to collect and send you postcards. 


This is a great way to travel the world looking at one wall. You can even choose to collect postcards with the same theme; for example, they all may have the beach on or a landmark building from that city or country.


Collecting things is a lot of fun, and even after just a short period of time, you can create a collection of items that you are very proud of. 


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