3 Reasons You Should Maintain Your Home

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3 Reasons You Should Maintain Your Home 3

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Being a homemaker is a joyful experience and one that should make you proud of your home. You put a lot of effort into making your home the perfect place for you and your family but it can go wrong if not done properly. You can clean, declutter and organize until the cows come home (don’t know where they have been) but proper house maintenance is just as vital.

House maintenance may refer to keeping your home clean and tidy but more accurately describes the internal and external infrastructure of your home. Such things include checking the framework, insulation, groundwork, electricity, plumbing, and other essential things for keeping a safe home.

Avoid Disaster

There are many reasons why you should try to stay on top of your house’s maintenance but the main reason is to avoid disaster. Neglecting your house could mean that it comes under attack from vermin, mold, or damage over time so being proactive in identifying and then treating issues can help reduce costly repairs later on.

Almost 25% of homeowners don’t inspect their roof and as such roof replacement is one of the more common examples of poor home maintenance as many homeowners think that their insurance will take care of roofing problems. It won’t. Insurance companies will only pay for unexpected damage such as from storms or the environment.

Get Rid of CHAOS

Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome is more common than you might think and many homemakers can be overcome by things such as clutter which can prevent you from wanting visitors at your home. Apart from the simple embarrassment of having an untidy or unpresentable home, you could also be putting people’s safety at risk.

Maintenance such as checking and appropriately cleaning the drains, fixing uneven groundwork, and properly finishing renovations can all contribute to CHAOS and if your home is subject to any of these things then you definitely don’t want people at your home. Take some time to address the jobs that could be embarrassing and rectify them ASAP.

A Safer Environment

As mentioned, safety plays a major role when it comes to house maintenance as an unsafe home puts everyone at risk, including yourself, your guests, and your family. One survey found that in America alone, around 30 million homes are unsafe because of things like lead paint, damaged plumbing, and structural damage.

Taking the time to inspect your home for such issues can help reduce the risk of harmful effects on anyone who lives there. For example, black mold can cause and exacerbate asthma while defective heating can increase the chances of black mold. Unpredictable or deteriorating housing issues can also contribute to an increase in depression and anxiety.

Inspecting and maintaining your home accordingly is vital. Disasters such as roof collapses can be avoided if regular inspection occurs which is vital since insurance companies only pay for unexpected damages to a home and not damage over time. A poorly maintained home can also be something of an embarrassment meaning you may not want people over and the presence of vermin and microbial infections can make physical and mental issues worse.

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